Sunday, November 20, 2011


4 tests due next week.
although I already knew what I signed up for but this is so stresssssss!

gonna bury myself under all those unknown equations and codesss.
hopefully I get to go home on the next holiday.
Will blog again once I'm temporary out of tests.
I wanna my holiday!
and I want SNOW!


Monday, November 14, 2011

Iron & Wine

Been chilling most of the time after my first tests.
and now I'm having my 2nd tests next week

hectic college life yet I'm still slacking.

Went to this Feeling cafe nearby for some beer.
Was a last minute decision.
They got live singing performance as well.

 Bucket of Carlsberg for the night.

And they were into pool table games these days.
Or they had been for few years.
the last time I played was when i was 17 i think.

oh ya and finally got the latest and last book of the Inheritance Cycle.

This is the wedding version of Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine.
Guess this song will be featured in the Breaking Dawn part 1 when Edward & Bella got married.

Its nice and sweet.
and eargasmic 
you can dowload it from HERE


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hakuna Matata

Blogging using my phone again :)
Went back to Penang for 3 days, sorry I can't catch up with everyone.

Watched The Lion King 3D .
So much childhood memories that I was singing along in the cinema I think I annoyed the audience beside me haha.

Took this in the cinema.

Watched You are the apple of my eye.
Best movie from Taiwan this year.
Another movie that brought me down the memory lane.

Went to this place for dessert.
Homemade recipes.
but don't try the tang yuan with cheese.
wrong combination of east + west. LOL 

Located at Lorong Susu.
The name of the shop is 团团圆圆团圆汤圆甜品屋 or
All about sugar & gift.
Super long Chinese name.

Price is average.
but varieties of choices.

thats all for now.
gtg to class d.
already skipped 2 class this morning.

by pat

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Just finish off with my statistic test and did my discrete maths test the day before. Can't say I did well , have to work harder or am so gonna flunk my exam. :(

Anyway this post is just for me to test my blogger app out :) simple but not as enhance as the website.

1 more day and I'm going home yay! Till then, bye~

By pat