Friday, May 30, 2008

Im a John Doe?


It all happened tis evening.

I went to Public bank.

Wanna open a saving account for some very lame purposes.

and when i was asked to let him scan my I.C.

in a few mins he returned and asked me izzit tht my I.C was the 1st batch bla bla bla?

den i said yea i was the 1st batch to use the new type of I.C.
(im a Jan. dude )

So den i realize type of I.C cant be scanned by their devices.

Tis is jus

cuz of tht.. i cant open the stupid account.

and wat abt other stuff tht nidded my I.C to be scanned?

Identity card cant even IDENTIFIED ME?

(im scolding sumthin political.and i duwan to be behind bars)

Fuck fuck fuck.
so i went home and told my dad abt it.
and my dad asked me do i wanna go renew my I.C since im already 18.
off we go~

3rd floor.
The department entrance.
there will be a malay girl outside the entrance askin u wats yr purpose here and when u told her she'll give u a num. ticket and ask u to wait inside for yr turn.
(to luyi: i dun think u'll like tht place =) its FULL wif yr 'FRENZ' . hahaha)

while waiting.

I kept on tidying my hair for my dad told me they wan to take the photo where my ears can be seen... so i was bz stuffing my side burn to the back of my ears.
Dun tell me u guys told me b4 but i looked like a gal tht way.
jus hope later i took nice photo can d LAR~
i was actually excited to renew my I.C.
cuz the current I.C im using.
Nobody BELIEVE its ME it tht pic!
ARGH!! I hate it too!
and u WISH i will show u my IC HERE!

So while waiting for my turn i spotted tis machine.

I dunno wats the purpose for it but i noe u nid to insert yr IC card into it.
so i asked for my dad's IC to give it a try.


when i inserted it.
a pop up said tht my dad's card cant be read !
my dad was like so damn frustrated.
cuz his card aint like mine.
so he doesnt understood why cant it be used.
oh well.
but still better den mine
when i inserted mine.
it din even took time to scan it it jus straight away SPLIT it out back.
which makes my dad felt more delighted and laugh abt it.

And Finally its my turn.
Paid rm10 for renewing it.
and den i was told to wait to take my pic.
but i took the chance to have a last look at the mirror.
and snapped pic of myself first.

yea i noe my hair is messy.

My signature smiling face.

And when its my turn she jus asked me to sit on the chair.
and suddenly she said ready 1,2,3.
i heard a click from her mouse.
den she said okay it done.
tht was fast
i jus hoped she took a nice pic of me.
pls pls pls pls plsssssssss....~

i was told to collect my IC after a MONTH.

oh well..
like wat miss elaine used to said.

and den i headed HOME~


While on the way back.

my dad told me a story.

3 days ago.

A stupid crow.

Flew pass our car.

and den my dad heard a loud sound.

den he went and had a look.

And did u guessed.

[ : lame lar the crow knocked itself to yr car? ]

U ni LAME la!


its actually.. it dropped a big big bone onto the car!

now guess wat happened to my car?

Nonit guess lar~

I'll show u...........

Can u see tht CRACK!

stupid crow!

do u noe how much it cost to change a whole new glass for the car!

moral of the story.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

B [I] tter in Time

It's been the longest winter without you
I didn't know where to turn to
See somehow I can't forget you
After all that we've been through

Going coming thought I heard a knock
Who's there no one
Thinking that I deserve it
Now I realise that I really didn't know
If you didn't notice you mean everything
Quickly I'm learning to love again
All I know is I'm gon' be ok

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time
And even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
It'll all get better in time

I couldn't turn on the TV
Without something there to remind me
Was it all that easy
To just put aside your feelings

If I'm dreaming don't wanna laugh
Hurt my feelings but that's the path
I believe in
And I know that time will heal it
If u didn't notice girl you meant everything
Quickly I'm learning to love again
All I know is I'm gon' be ok

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time
And even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
It'll all get better in time

Since there's no more you and me
It's time I let you go
So I can be free
And live my life how it should be
No matter how hard it is I'll be fine without you
Yes I will

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time
And even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
It'll all get better in time

Better in time by Leona Lewis.

argh fuck it.
nt even abit better.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Updated updated!

Sorry for nt updating my blog.
Had to wait luyi to update his blog den onli i can get the pics from him and update mine.

okay.. tis post happened like..
weeks ago i think..(18/05/08 i guess)
cant reali remember when..
A fren of luyi came from Perak to visit him .
Cuz she's goin to KL for her studies soon so she wanna met up wif em for the "last time"

So luyi asked me to join in wif him.
and remember i blog abt tht Grace tht went to malacca to study?
she came back the same day too!
wat for?
she went there for like a week nia lol.

So 1st we went to meet up wif Grace at GP.

like always she made us waited for her.
see my damn "patience" face.

Later on we accompanied her to the Celcom shop to get her wireless broadband.
cost her rm499 i think.
a small lil thingy.
pity her Malacca no wireless

Den off we go to coffee bean.

my mocha + fudge cake.

barney and boon yan working on grace's laptop.
elaine wondering which straw belongs to hers.
my pretty hand.

everyone want a taste of my fudge cake!
its damn yummy!

After awhile we switched indoor for its started to rain.
busy wif my cup of mocha.

Im juz fooling around

and around 8pm everyone nid to leave for grace nid to go home to join her family.
barney nid to go pray for the wesak day thingy.
We nid to go have dinner wif Anna and the guys.
and since we fetched elaine and so she's stucked wif us.
so we bring her along.
although she felt reali awkward abt it for she duno Anna.
I dunno reali noe Anna either.
But Luyi insisted so oh well.
I jus wanna EAT!
and i dun care abt the rest!

So group photos b4 we departed.




And we rushed to our next destination.
Fettes Park western food.
the one tht always make u wait for at least an hour and den onli they will served u yr foods.

On our way there sumthin occurred.
all i can said is.
We are all a bunch of hot tempered hormones raging idiots tht never will learned their lesson until we burned ourselves.
Effing bullocks!

And finally we reached our destination.
Tis is Anna.
Happy go lucky girl.
A Perak girl tht dun understand Hokkien.

aik wei + luyi.

camilla + aik wei.

Well the western food dude let us wait for like an hour and a half only served us our foods.
den after tht luyi asked where Anna wanna go.
Up the hills or down to the sea.
she said SEA.
so off we went to the beach.

B4 we went to the beach.

Sorry no pics of the beach cuz its too damn dark.
and luyi dun like takin pics using flashlight plus he's bz playing wif ANNA.

So after awhile luyi asked us wanted to join him and Anna for midnight movie or nt.
I rejected for im tired so camilla fetched me and aik wei back for she nid to go home early . And elaine was fetched back by luyi for she watched the movie b4 already.


Oh.. And Happy Sweet 18 to

Yea ure fucking LEGAL now.


and tht makes u another year older .


stay happy always.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I aint a Saint. But u aint Noble either. =)

Dinner at Raffee wif luyi.
actually we were waiting for wei peng
He asked us to had dinner wif him at Raffee.
but when we reached there he's still

so alright.. i ordered myself roti telur + teh ais . Luyi ordered teh ais and had a few sticks of his own ''life extending wonder grass'' . =)


we waited






we waited again





Until when the bright sun started to lose his charm and the moon started to show off her butt.

mr wei peng still no where to be seen.
GUD for u dude.
ure the 1st person to make me waited for 2 hours +
and when u came u still...
argh forget abt it ..
its nt tht i jus knew u.
oh well.
lucky u i have a BIG heart.

After tht we went Gp .
Met up wif Tiny at his working place.

Ignore wei peng. LOOK at my ARM!
(luyi did u edit my arm?)
I got Muscular arm!

Went to ply some pool game wif wei peng.

Lol i dunno why i lost maybe cuz i wasnt concentrating at all.
or he jus Lucky.
i kept went to the pool table next to me.
saw joel, tett & wei jack.
Din see them since they switched to other schools.

the evidence:
Ignore wei peng again pls. x)
see im bz talkin wif Tett.

Met Yj , Colin & Lst too.
Colin yr size is getting ....haha
Lst still haven get his car license.LOL
YJ still the same old Yj..the best entertainer.

Went mcd for wei peng wanna had his dinner there.
Yida came and chatted wif us.
Saw yik yang and his family.
He told me he was sick.
but its kinda hard to convince me
when u said ure sick inside a Mcd restaurant.
bt yea he looked damn weak alright.
get well soon!

Around 11 we went to Tiny hse.

Tiny pc-ing.

I dunno how to ply.

shing & dusky maiden.

husband & wife.
wonder wat were they doin?
they were tryin to ply wif Tiny's rabbit.
see there's one on the balcony.

And they were hungry again.
So wei peng digged Tiny's fridge and its time for cooking.
and u thought the girls gonna do the cooking?



Nt reali complicating cookin stuff jus sausages.

But let me show u my cooking skill.
making the sausages into gymnastic pros.
i made them back flip + front flip + 360' flip.

But i still prefer eating den cooking.
but of course sleepin is still on the top of my list.

yea tis 3 jus sat there watchin tv while i do the cooking.

and we went home around 2am.

Do u still remember abt the stuff i told u abt the moon?
I do.
the moon remembered it well too.
wat abt yr side of the moon?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

When u got nothing else better to do....

When u got nothing else better to do.
U go back to School?

Went back to my high school tis morning.

I dunno.
i got nothing else better to do.

Reached there around 1o am.
Had our breakfast in the canteen.

I asked for a rm1.20 char koay kak.
Aunty told me no more 1.2o .
even the cheapest place for food had gotten abit bit exp.

My fav soya bean. Used to be onli
20 cents!
den when i was form 5 it went to 30 cents!
and now its 40 cents!!
although its still cheap compared to others but..
Its NO MORE when ure getting OLD.
everything seemed to be better when ure young eh?
argh fuck it.

Met lots of frenz tht went back to study form 6.

pat & blake.

an idiot tht uses straw while drinking soya bean from cup.

mr zheng ying.
dude.i luv hugs but nt from u!

adrian in the middle.
han ee & audrey standing.

mr noi noi & kok oon.
Dun worry Noi u can take my pics whenever u want.

And i dunno why Luyi agreed to fetch elaine home.
we nid to wait her for 3 more hours until her class ends.
So we wondered around the school.

So called indoor multi-purpose court.

Lot of memories.

Luyi kept nagging me to go get my graduation cert.
But im lazy and there's no diff if i got tht stupid
sheet of paper or nt.
although we did tried to get it but the teacher responsible was no where to be found.

Why is tht ?
She got legs u noe? bet u dunno she can walk too?

At last i cant stand continue doin nothing in the school so i asked luyi to drive us out and we went to a pet shop tht is near to my school tht i never knew its existence until today. Luyi said he used to go there when he was form 1.

I walked like a stick.





and of course my fav type of pet.

SNAKES~Luyi hate them!
i HEART them!!!!

snake aint cheap u noe?
the one above cost rm480.

Luyi's fav pet.
to me its jus my pretty snake's snack.

luyi kept saying so cute so cute when he saw tis.
so one question.
why am i .
being called a SISSY!
when i love snakes!
and he's nt bein called sissy but he loves cute stuff?

U guys are juz JEALOUS!

Tis pic below is dedicated to mr yyang.
yr " FAV " pet.
slimy slim slim frog.

nt interested.

after tht we went to the mcd at sunshine farlim to get some ice-cream but it wasnt open yet.
So we headed back to school.
(still nid to fetch elaine.)
and luyi saw the teacher responsible for graduation cert.
and so we were told by her to wait at the office for her.

while waiting outside the office.
teachers passed by.
saw me.
praised me.
nt gonna tell ya guys wat they said.

got my cert.
went back canteen to wait for elaine.
and finally when their class dismissed.
tht shorty still no where to be seen!

the dudes.
still the same old dudes.

waited for more den half an hour and tht ah short
finally appeared.
oh poor her fell down when she was rushing to meet up wif us..
dun even think tht i will pity u!
18 d still so damn CLUMSY.
no wonder still so

After dropped her home.
We went to komtar.
yea u heard it.
to find the legendary shop.

Komtar is totally deserted.

Took us almost 2 hours to find tht shop.

finding finding.

still looking for it.

and finally we gave up and called wei peng for directions.
got the stuff luyi wanted.
and den off we got ourselves out of tht miserable place.

We headed to tis stall where it sells very yummy fried banana and stuff.
Got myself some fried potatoes etc.
ordered coke from mcd.
(take away of course.)
parked at their parking place.
and sat in the car and enjoyed our junk foods.
...yea we reali got nothing else better to do.

after tht luyi dropped me home.
i forgot to bring my cert back .
left it in his car.

oh oh ya.
pics of the day.
of course.