Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End of May

I know it will damage yr ears if you use it too often,
But there is this reason why I need it,
the feeling when u look at a person blabbing none stop yet you just look at them with a fake smile on yr face like you actually listening to them,
but you turned the volume to the max.

It really makes you feel like you own the world.

Other than staying in a complete darkness this is another way I escape from the reality once in awhile.
I'm not good at shutting down my mind,like I got this OCD to make me keep on thinking and talking randomly to myself in my head,things that are irrelevant or even not worth to be pick up.

The distraction of the surrounding sounds,
the main fact that reminds me I'm still in the reality,
so I would just put on my headphones,
shuffle the track lists in my itunes and just listen to nothing , but the echoes of music in my mind.

And there's this thing about me being abnormal,
I'm not sure if this is part of the growing thingy that everyone will go through,
but the rookie in this pace I am still wondering and hitting the bushes as I'm walking down that alley that I don't even sure where it leads and am I on the right track.

I know I think differently , some may notice
slightly more than what I used to be,
but sometimes I'm confuse myself,
as in why am I writing this down at 0630 in the morning instead of snoozing away.

There's also this moral ethics thing,
thanks to it I am bounded to the ground ,
chained by it's ethical crap.
I wished to like:"hey dad I feel like to go around the world so I won't be back so soon bye."
But then that would be irresponsible or so called rebellion or worse I would be the ungrateful child right?
Yea see like i said thanks to the ethical crap.

Why cant we fly when we were born as an angel?
Even the devil have bat wings,
Or are we chickens without the guts to do so?

Every action,
every steps that we take we have to consider the consequences for we are the heart of our life and the decisions we make will create ripples that effects the people around us.
We choose the most carefree way ,that which won't give out the most affection,
that will satisfied each side ,
but we always awfully forgotten to consider ourselves in the equation,thus with the solution that you're not embracing it, but graded to do so.

I need the disco ball of my life.

Chris Medina's What Are Words.
He did not cut out to be the "American Idol" type but I'm sure his story had made a cut in yr heart.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Skinny Love

How long has it been?
How did I fail to feel this feeling anymore?

You shred yr tears from the bleeding heart.
You tear out your soul
cutting out every edge of your love.

I asked you not to fall,
you asked me to return you your heart.

You long for the return of my sanity
Too long had I been in the world of sins.

No more for the quenching thirst of lust
Turning off the part where I used to know what is love
I tell my love to wreck it all
cut out all the ropes and let me fall.

and you hold on to the edge of the cliff
the rest of the part of you hanging
I stand upon
looking down at you

You look at me
Knowing the answer.

You squeeze a smile.

you let go.