Saturday, May 30, 2009

Perasan me

We stopped in front of the red traffic light.
I was in the front passenger seat.
Kit was the driver, Shao yao behind.
The car beside me was drove by a middle age lady.
She kept looking at me.
At tht time.
I thought she was charmed by my looks.
*perasan perasan*
I stayed still.
Tried to be as still as possible.
Letting her enjoy the good lookiness of me.
*perasan perasan*
She seemed to enjoyed the moment.
She started to wave at me.
I thought she was trying to get my attention.
*perasan perasan*
So I turned and faced her.
So she could see me.
*LOL & perasan perasan*
There she was.
In her late thirties.
Looking at me.
But wait...???
she's still waving..
eh not..
she's actually pointing~
she's pointing towards the front part of kit's car.
So I got down of the car and went and had a look.

This was his Wira.
Before I saw wat I saw when I got down.

This is what I saw wheni got down.
Spot the differences?

That thingy *point point* fall off when Kit stopped for the red light.
and tht lady was trying to inform us abt it.
and i thought.....
*sia sui sia sui*

kit:" oh no~ my sis is so gonna kill me"

mr kit.
Tis will be his photo infront of his coffin if his sis killed him.

oh well..
Yesterday I had 1 bak zhang + oat drink wif raisins + teh ais + roti jon + teh ais + poh pia + sotong + air tebu + teh ais + roti bom cheese.

I think i nid to check my stomach for worms.
oh and I finally went ABU and tried out their roti bom.
It was the best one i ever had.

~the end~
pat the great

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Version 2 of my current semester timetable.
thanks mr ping.

Dislike the timetable alot.
The timetable planner is so lame.
This afternoon when im having my calculus class another lecturer walked in.
Our class should end at 1230 but her timetable shows that her class starts at 1200.
sucks la u timetable organizer

Believe me guys im totally so retarded.
I just realized.
After studying my course for a whole year + 3 days.
I just knew that.
Im actually.
Taking double major.
(computer science & computer maths)
No wonder its so damn difficult!


retarded pat.
signing off.

Monday, May 25, 2009


In approximately 3 hours will be the first class after my semester break.
Sad case.
And as you can see from my previous post,
this sem's timetable sucks to the max.
oh well..
hope I wont be tht busy,
well to my loyal fans out there,
I will update my blog as frequent as possible,
so dun worry too much.

Met Mr Marcus the other day when i went to Redbox.
and look at the SIZE of his Bag.

Cost him rm30.
and easy to use.
according to him.
its good enuf for him to hide 2 men in it.
So be careful guys who self proclaimed tht ure Hot.
cuz u wont noe when he will grab u and throw u into tht bag of his.

Pat & dan.

No more late night movie.
No more partying till the next morning.


=by pat the great=

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Y2S1 timetable.
I always thought ive seen it all.
but dey reali surprise me everytime.

Mind my lauguage but.
Tis is getting lamer and lamer and MALEH!!!
Curse u whoever tht organised tht timetable!

sigh.another busy semester.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Belated Wesak Post

Went to the Wesak day parade tis year.
Was the first time I ever involved in the parade.
Reason? Tell u personally.

Started around 6 something.

and we walked

until night time.

Its kinda cool seeing the roads were all closed.
We walked totally the opposite direction of the usual direction of the road.

It was random.

Saw the ruler of Penang.

and also this Punk Rock Kid.

Maybe he did it for the parade.

And we went back when it was nearly 10pm.
Tht was it.

~the end~

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Han's Big Day

16th of May 2009
Was Han's 19th birthday.
Kinda pissed him off 2 days b4 his bday,
and asked most of my friends not to wish him on his bday.
Im evil.
Thank you very much.

Went to Tambun for dinner on his bday.
It was planned like months ago.
So I reckon he wont suspect anything.

Mr Xiawei fetched us to Tambun.
Underage driver.
He was so happy.

And den there is Mr Dan the GPS who leaded us to a restaurant called
Dont like the name of the restaurant.

xiong,kit,sinhee & yao

Pat sucking his thumb.
Han ordering drinks.

Wei & dan crapping.
Xiong having a peanut by using his spoon.

And here come some of the dishes.

Mantis Shrimps.
Its like eating a mutated praying mantis.
Yet its delicious~

I dunno what lai.
But I dun like it.
Cuz they eat shit.

Kay la they eat shit too but they tasted better.
Han tis is a plate of quality-shit-eating-seafood!!
although i had better ones b4 but it surely taste better den *point up* those~!

Fried sotong.
My all time fav~
NO i din nt nag like a child for it.
Do nt blif a thing han said in his blog.

Han & Wei

Din took photos of the crabs cuz everyone was busy eating.
After tht I went back to the car to get the cake when Han went to the washroom.

Sneaking up on him.
He's texting his EX.


pat:" baby han.. all grown up d.. wu wu wu~"
han:"stop faking it dude."

pat:" eh, happy tak? surprise tak? gamdong tak? har har har??"
han:"Get away from me~"

pat:"tu tu tu.. eh tell me la gamdong or nt?" xp
han:" yor! hana hana!"
awww.. so cute. ure blushing and shy.
hahaha! its my blog and i can write watever i want!!

After tht we went back to penang and went to a pub located at tanjung bungah.
Forgot the pub's name.

*lazy to caption*

pat the great

p/s: I knew ure a smart ass Han so stop faking like ure surprise in yr blog!

we went home after tht.
the end.
yor bad ending.
who cares.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

6th May 2009

A day after my final year exam.
Was actually hesitating should I be going or not.
I totally need to relax from all the stressing exam.
Time to let myself go crazy once awhile.
So finally I decided to go.
Broke my record for not going for half a year.
so proud of myself.

Met miss reelee there.
Miss reelee & pat

That is miss reelee chocolate bf.
Its an inside joke.

Mr Hwa & miss shu rong.

Eevon,reelee,pat,vivian,shu rong.

Had a reali great time there.
Went crazy and so damn relaxing.
Poker face is the jam of the club now.

Jimui or hengdai.
watever u call it.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ah 母 Day

It's Mother's Day!!

As my friend said :
" Treat your mom like u treat yr lover."

So I got my mom a box of chocolates.

We had a mother's day dinner wif my grandparents , aunt & uncles.

Seafood Dinner!
Located at batu lancang.

While waiting for the dishes.
Me and my hungry face.

Tis is grandma Ong.
She said I look like Leehom.

While dining~
Grandma Ong & grandpa Ong

Miss Ong & mr pat
Happy Mother's Day!!
Hope u like yr present.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

All I ever wanted

Busy wif exams and nearly caught myself Swine flu.
and now exams are over.

Will post some random stuff just to update my blog.
I need to go hibernate soon to recharge.
Maybe will update after a few days.

Burberry Fall/Winter 08'o9' ad campaign

Model: Sam Riley (actor),
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
(said to be distance relative of the queen of England)

photographer : Mario Testino

Burberry Spring/Summer 09' Ad Campaign

Models: Lily Donaldson, Eden Clark, Alexina Graham, Richard Wyndham, Emily Hope, Alex Pettyfer, George Craig and Sam Beeton

Photographer : Mario Testino

p/s: Ping,when can u shoot tis kind of photos?