Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Han's Big Day

16th of May 2009
Was Han's 19th birthday.
Kinda pissed him off 2 days b4 his bday,
and asked most of my friends not to wish him on his bday.
Im evil.
Thank you very much.

Went to Tambun for dinner on his bday.
It was planned like months ago.
So I reckon he wont suspect anything.

Mr Xiawei fetched us to Tambun.
Underage driver.
He was so happy.

And den there is Mr Dan the GPS who leaded us to a restaurant called
Dont like the name of the restaurant.

xiong,kit,sinhee & yao

Pat sucking his thumb.
Han ordering drinks.

Wei & dan crapping.
Xiong having a peanut by using his spoon.

And here come some of the dishes.

Mantis Shrimps.
Its like eating a mutated praying mantis.
Yet its delicious~

I dunno what lai.
But I dun like it.
Cuz they eat shit.

Kay la they eat shit too but they tasted better.
Han tis is a plate of quality-shit-eating-seafood!!
although i had better ones b4 but it surely taste better den *point up* those~!

Fried sotong.
My all time fav~
NO i din nt nag like a child for it.
Do nt blif a thing han said in his blog.

Han & Wei

Din took photos of the crabs cuz everyone was busy eating.
After tht I went back to the car to get the cake when Han went to the washroom.

Sneaking up on him.
He's texting his EX.


pat:"sobs...my baby han.. all grown up d.. wu wu wu~"
han:"stop faking it dude."

pat:" eh, happy tak? surprise tak? gamdong tak? har har har??"
han:"Get away from me~"

pat:"tu tu tu.. eh tell me la gamdong or nt?" xp
han:" yor! hana hana!"
awww.. so cute. ure blushing and shy.
hahaha! its my blog and i can write watever i want!!

After tht we went back to penang and went to a pub located at tanjung bungah.
Forgot the pub's name.

*lazy to caption*

pat the great

p/s: I knew ure a smart ass Han so stop faking like ure surprise in yr blog!

we went home after tht.
the end.
yor bad ending.
who cares.

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