Tuesday, April 27, 2010

only you

Only You
The Platters

One of my all time favorite oldies.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Ever wonder that yr flat 2D desktop is boring or unorganized?
I never do.
cause I seldom use it.
I simply throw all important/frequent use icons onto my Quick Launch or paste it
at StartUp.
Until THIS was introduced to me.

This was introduced to me by Ping's friend,Jiunz week ago.
Its called BumpTop.

Its actually a 3D desktop.
The reviews about it go both ways actually.
Some say it really make everything more organized.
Some said its troublesome.

I use it cause I simple just feel its fun.

Its hard to explain.
I'll just show u how my desktop looks like now.
And a youTube about it.

The Normal view

Side view (right)

Front view

Side view(left)

Back view

If you wanna get yr own 3D desktop.
You can download it here.
its free.
or you can pay up for a pro version.

pat the great.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ass kicking movies

Had been watching alot of crappy movies in the previous month.
except for How to Train Your Dragon.

and this month I watched two of these movies.

Kick Ass
I had no intention of watching this movie at first.
Personally I dun really like Nicholas Cage cause of his weird accent and his looks.
haha..but he's good in choosing good scripted movies.
well you can say im superficial but actually all of us are,if not how can celebrities survive? We human jus plainly love pretty things.
Yy wanna watch it so me and Kit accompanied him.
Seriously its one of the best comic turned movie I ever watched.
Its super exaggerating storyline makes me go "!!!??!!!!!!" quite some time during the show.
but thats what story are about right?
Imagining the things that are hardly possible in this reality world.
Highly recommended.

Next I watched this.
Been looking forward to it.
Although PPS had it like months ago but I just wanna watch tis in the theater.

Shutter Island

Some may like it some may think its boring.
But the things that makes me like a movie is the actors/actress , and mainly the storyline.
and seriously i love this movie
A good storyline can really makes the success of a movie or the other way around.
Personally Shutter Island is very much predictable but the storyline is just so catchy and damn Leonardo acting skills..way better than during his Jack Dawnson role .

Whoa I still remember his character name in Titanic.

I haven't watch the movie showed below yet.
But WengKit recommended it.
Heard it won the Crystal Bear award for the best film during the Berlin's movie festival.

Echoes of the Rainbow

Well thats all for now..will update asap.

by patthegreat

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ying's bday

We went to Harvest In to celebrate Ying's bday.
It was also the end of our diploma and may be the last time we all
gathered together.
=) & =(

The b'day girl
Welcome to the 20's club

We used like more den 10 minutes to order our food.
my peach tea.

our appetizer.
Tomato soup wif bread.

the main course.
part of our dishes.

the dessert

This was the 2nd time I had been there.
the environment was really nice.
but the food was really just average.

and now the attendees
Bibu & Kent

He's not gonna further his studies anymore due to private reason.
Im glad to know u dude.
and thks for all the treat.

I know u always say that u dun like me and whatever.
but deep in yr heart u noe u love me
tis is my blog i can write whatever i want.
neh neh~

yang sim
haiz she use to be so naive
2 years of corruption by us.
cant blame her..
anyway i'll miss yr cold jokes too

Nic zhai
You go KL must guai guai har..

We'll go have our legendary western food again when you come back.

Ks & reelee.
this two.
as long as they got each other nothing else matters.
做人要饮水思源 har..

One big happy family
ah Nic u blocked the whole me

Lucky I asked ping to take tis.
to the one who took tis.
Remember me~

Happy birthday miss ying.
and all the best to all of you guys.


the number that we all knew what it meant.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Au revoir Ms.Elaine

The girl that I knew since primary.
The girl that I knew for more than 10 years.
The girl that never seems to grow tall at all since ..forever.
The girl that always gonna be my fav girl.

Farewell my dear friend.
I know ure scare and worry about everything.
But I know u will remove any obstacles to high performance.


I know you can't handle the farewell thus you're not letting anyone know what time you're leaving.
But I guess you're already on yr way.
good luck my friend.

pat the great

Saturday, April 10, 2010


x'mas '09
tambun '09

OO nite

QeII '09

bbq '09


m45 of 2008~2010


Sunday, April 4, 2010


Everything is about timing.

You got to do the right things at the perfect time.

Disaster happens when u don't.

Dun get it ?
I'll give u an example of a group of super BAD timing ppl.
For example:

When Romeo learns of Juliet's death,he decided to go back to Verona to see her for the last time, and at the same time he got himself some poison from the local apothecary.

The letter from Friar Laurence that was to inform Romeo that Juliet is not dead did not reach Romeo in time.
(See.. bad timing,that time no mobile phones,email or sms wurt.. so mostly they use pigeons or messengers,no not msn ..is a real human messenger.)

So Friar Laurence try to inform Romeo again and he himself heads off to the chamber where Juliet will soon awaken.

Paris,the dude who was suppose to marry Juliet ,mourns his bride that never was,and when Romeo arrives,he opens up Juliet's coffin to see her for one last time,
and of course,Paris fights Romeo who he believes is desecrating Juliet's grave and Paris dies.
( So here is 2 person with bad timing, you can say Paris mourns at the wrong time or Romeo reached at the wrong time)

And then,Romeo.. being the gentleman he was, placed Paris beside Juliet,and he takes his poison,kisses Juliet...
and die too.

The super fashionably late Friar Laurence arrive too damn late
(as usual.. bad timing)

and who else can beat Friar Laurence in bad timing?
of course none other than our Miss Juliet! who now only awakens!!
(LOL!! super duper Queen of Bad bad timing~)

when she learns that Romeo had died.

she stabs herself and die too.

the end.

so,now do u understand?

the whole tragic love story of Romeo & Juliet would not happen if its not for all their bad timing( or the lack of high tech communications devices)

so..moral of the story?
Get yourself a Blackberry.



Friday, April 2, 2010


It hurt so much that it makes you let go of the things you love most,

yet u still let it go.
cause u love 'em too much.

knowing that they will be better without you.

by patthegreat

this is so emo.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


And when all lust and greed attempt to drag me down to the pit of darkness.

Your innocent and sacrifice makes me hold my ground.

And therefore,
the heavenly being of you.