Tuesday, August 25, 2009

pat x ping II

Photo session wif mr ping attempt II.

He said the theme is "Show Off".
Source of inspiration is from the boxer gal in my previous post.
Terima kasih byk-byk.

Our fav one.

Ping wants me to upload tis one but my face condition.

my baba.

My kicks.


Thanks alot mr ping.
Exam in a week time.
All the best everyone.

~pat the great~

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Petty pat

Funny thing is..

Someone said I purposely show off or literally let ppl see my boxer/undergarment.

I dunno who the hell is her. ya its a her.
and u must be stalking me btw or else u wont noe I always "show off".

But mind u this.

If i wanna show off..
It wont be my boxer.
Will be the package in it.


Call me petty stingy whatever.
I just dun like being accuse of something I did not do.

p/s:got a feeling u guys gonna mark on me to see if i "show off" when u see me.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

JK Creative

Been Forced .. I mean Asked by mr Javen to help him promote this event management thingy.

Not reali sure with the details.

They said wanna keep it "mysterious"~


`pat the great`

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bee Zee

Busy busy busy.

Wanna noe what I did for the past 2 weeks?

Click Here for the the week b4 last week.

and click Here for last week.

till im free again.

oh ya

and click THIS for my Final exam timetable.

stay tuned~


pat the great

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Exam soon .
wont blog tht often.

credit to mr ping

My new toy.
Thanks alot mom.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quite Entertaining II

First time went wif my classmates.

Juz some photos we took .



Started kinda awkward but after some liquor they all went High~



Below: pat

WengKit came too on behalf of giv me face he said.
Thanks alot!!

Mr Beh & pat
my facebook test True Best Friend.


Ping & pat

Group Photos.

See more photos at my Facebook
view any of those dudes or chicks' blog I linked.

Drunker of the day:

Mr Teong Hun.


while havin supper at sunrise mcd.
Poor dude..
Rumours has it tht he was too stress of nt finishing miss Woo's tutorial so he got himself drunk! hahaha

Everyone is falling sick thanks to the haze.
Cut down on outdoor exercise everyone.
& get well soon.


Monday, August 3, 2009

To USA and far far beyond?

Went to mr Chi Kai's farewell party last Wed.

Im so proud to tell u guys that we (han & pat) were the only one among our friends that got him a farewell present.
Shame on u guys! Boooo~

han & chi kai.
Aww.. feel the love~

pat,ksp & chikai.
Sadly din took a better photo wif him.

The farewell overall was fun.
Met lots of old friends there.
It was kinda awkward at first but after a lil catch up it was fun.

Mr & mrs Lee.
He did a suprise bday party for her too.

Long lost giant wei.
Currently an Intian.
still as huge as ever.
and so is his great smile.

miss sye yee.
Aww... wonder when will she treat me as gentle as tht stupid dog?

sye yee & angie.
I took tis.
called it the " A photo of 2 diff person tht intersact wif the life of a same person?"

Greedy face pat.
"pour more & faster!!"

Tongued pat when he realized his greedy face was taken.

Everyone was buzy wif the food.
Benjoon , pat , Qin & Keong.

I went back early cause I had a test the second day and i haven revise yet.
Thanks for the party mr Chi Kai all the best to you and dun forget us!!!

See more photos at my facebook.


There was a blood donation event at my college last week.

And what happened was ~

Our mr Beh .
Turned pale after donation.
and the nurse had to put a box under his legs to make his blood circulate better.
Poor him.
its okay u're still my boy! haha
Pleas do nt laugh at him.
If u do so. Dun tell him tht u knew it from me .