Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Celebrated this 2 dudes' bday last week.

Elwin & Aik Tatt
Happy Birthday !!!!

Random photos at Coffee Island


Been a looong time since I had those.

Watched R.E.D last week.
Retired Extremely Dangerous.

Another comic book based movie.
But this one super chun super nice!!
Great actors
great stuns
and funny.

Watched this too.
Reign of Assassin

Reason I wanted to watch is because of one of the actress.
Barbie Hsu
But then ..
The movie is way better than I thought.
Sincerely nice.
I think Chinese movie is back to dominate again.

Got my hands on this yesterday.

Thanks to Weng Kit for getting this and borrow it to me first.
Finally something for me to read.
The last time I read was like 3 months ago lol.

-quoted from The Reign of Assassin-


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Self exile

For what is worth,
for what is not.

For lingering at the angelic side of yours
For the demonic world telling me you're just a devil.

For I'm just a human.
For we used to be angels.

They said you're shallow,
and I said in this human skin we all are.

For who don't chase after the dream of theirs?
For who's the one that can never let go?

For falling too deep from the broken sky,
The wings that were once given by yr touch,
Can no longer unfurl from this broken heart.

And no longer be attached,
For the path to hell,
Is just a straight way from heaven.

But when the whole world seems deniable,
and the devils crawls around me,
In a human figure there I stand.

They said you're just one of them.
Like Lucifer,the once angel that fallen.


In this pair of mortal eyes,
The halo that you held was ever,
brighter than the moonlight ray.

For we used to fly,
side by side,
and the heroic tasks that you had once did in the name of love.
Still makes you shine,
even at the brightest sky.

And forgive me,
For not following yr way.

From the extract of time,
It was the moment I held in gasps.

The hidden truth of you,
You showed me what others will never see in you.
And upon belief.
As I used to be an angel,
As I am now merely a human being who pray,

As upon the belief I still have in you.

Without the wings
Without the halo
Without the smile
With the heartbeat you gave to me
Without the heart I gave to you

I am now just a shadow,
that only exists upon the reflection of light.

And yet you're still,
an angel to me.



Monday, October 18, 2010

Lie to Me

A must watch tv series !

Well its to say you stop loving someone you once love more than anything else in the world ,
would be a lie,
but you move on,don't you?
you have to move on.

-Lie to me S2E13-

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Being a Hermit

Is that possible,
that two people can really love each other and it's just isn't enough?

-Grey's anatomy,S7E3


Hun,Kit,Elaine & pat

First time in Neway.
The sound system was okay,
the food portion are like for babies to eat.

The first Burger King restaurant chain in Penang opened last week.
Kit told me they're having a promotion of rm1 whooper.
So we decided to head there for lunch...

Din expect there will be so many ppl cuz the restaurant is located at a very ULU place and i dun understand why haha..

Lesson learned.
Never underestimate the power of PROMOTION.

So we fled and had our lunch at hawker stall instead.

Watched EatPrayLove last Wed.

Its a movie based on a novel.
Its a very nice movie.
Makes you think and laugh at the same time.

And I watched The American yesterday.

Its a movie based on a novel too.
Personally I think its nice but some may not like it.
Some of the audience left halfway thru the movie and most of them were very impatient and wanted the movie to end.

Its an emo movie btw.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Last Week

was sick when this was taken.

Just a sum up of what I did last week.

Wall Street 2
Anticipated for this movie for quite sometime already.
Yet the storyline aint what as I expected.
But still it was nice.

Charlie St.Cloud.
Total disappointment.
Oh well
shouldn't have much hope on it at the first place since it was acted by Zac Efron.
No offense Efron fans.

Dinner for Schmucks.
Totally gonna laugh yr Ass off.
Highly recommended comedy of the year.

Detective Dee.
Watched this yesterday,
cant remember when was the last time I watched a Chinese movie,
but this one is seriously not bad.
Those who loves fantasy/thriller/action/mystery type of movie.
Watch it.

The next movie that im anticipate about is ...

The American.
Finally its showing next week!!
Hope it wont disappoint,but den..
When there's George Clooney whats there to be disappoint abt?

The King
We shared the same birthday

Been having Japanese food for like 2 days.
never get bored wif sashimi and unagi
And lastly
thanks to Jon for gettin me this from Bangkok

Pat the starfish,
he is now my navigator.