Saturday, March 29, 2008

Totally Random


The famous Curry mee.
Intro by mr aik wei.
Located at air itam.
Somewhere near the church
which is BB's HQ.

They had been selling curry mee for more den half a century.
I saw them on the cover of a book tht introduced penang's famous food.

Their transport.

I aint a big fan of spicy stuff...

I tried it out .. and its not bad actually~
rated : 5 stars out of 5

The other day when i dropped my lil sis to her tuition center i saw tis ..

The lil man's grandfather car broke down or sumthing ..and he ran over to help pushed his car to the side.. SWEET... haha.

Been gettin calls from frenz tht were in the NS.. tellin me how they been and wat happen in there..according to mr han zhen said he saw 'sumthing' in white dash passed him when he went out to get his clothes during the night..WOO~ spooky~ an atheist .. so i dun blif in such things and all..must be an owl lar~ hahaha...

And they even said they heard ppl getting caught smoking crack in there~ and how did they manage to get drugs in there in the first place?? lol...

oh well... they will be coming back for cheng beng next thursday... i'll be meeting them den... cant wait to compare my skin colour wif em~! and im so gonna take pics wif em!! SHAVED HEAD!! haha..

i think my next post will probably be abt Cheng Beng...

Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ang Mo


My lil sis new pet.

He's Mr patrick star new Best Fren.
Pat & Ang Mo.

How he got his name?
Ang as in Red in Hokkien
MO as in Devil(魔) in Mandarin.

Wat is his English name?

Red Devil??


Red Devil is jus the type of species he is.

His English name is


Huh? WAT??
u ask WHY??
Dun have a clue?

Ang MO
in hokkien


i think so.
my hokkien aint tht good.


Welcome to the family
Mr. Ang Mo.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

See No Evil!

No pain , no gain.
No pat , no vain.

professor pat von trick. 1989.

who turned off the lights?

No im nt being EMO everyone..but in tis post u wont be seeing my eyes! Because lately my life had became upside down again for im living back the Vampirelism ..
and my eye bags and dark circles had gotten worse!! even my frenz said i got DOUBLE LAYER eye bags at both eyes! and my fren thought i got box in the eye or sumthing!! see how worse it had gotten? zzZzz!!

Im trying to get back to the Morning Glorism life again.. but yet i woke up at 8pm today! haha ... im doin my best!!!

Alright den.. tis post is abt my frenz tht went to National Service (NS) last Wednesday . Mr y.yang came and fetched me to PISA to send off our dear frenz along wif miss huey xing & mr aik wei.

We reached PISA around 830am .


It took us some time to find our frenz... well we even met lots of other frenz there .. some goin to the NS some came to send their frenz off.. and finally i found my 1st NS victim.

Mr. Han
Dude, i noe it was like The End of The World when u knew u were selected to join NS. U hardly do sports and u hate the Sun.. but tis could be the chance for u to improve yr interpersonal relationship wif others...and some of us even hoped tht.. er.. ahem.. u will become more MAN after NS .. haha... BE STRONG Sis BRO!
p/s : I gave u my BIOTHERM sunblock ! u noe its price u better use it wisely!!

Victim No. 2
Mr. Zhen
I dunno why u looked damn pale in the pic.. maybe its bcuz u forgot to bring yr bus ticket on tht day....and stop worrying abt yr hair lar it will grow back in a few months time..hehe..oh ya i knew u cant wait to lay yr hands on the M-16 but pls dun use it to shoot tht Ketua u hated ! i duwan to see yr face on the front page of the newspaper! have fun dude.
p/s : shaved head is the new trend lar dun worry u'll look cool~!

Victim No. 3
Miss CamillaHmmm.. seriously im nt concerned abt u at all.. haha.. nt bcuz i dun care but i knew ure a STRONG gal! U can manage anything thts in yr way. And u worried abt others more den yrself ! So dun worry i'll eat take good care of yr hubby for u.. although i dunno how to.. i'll jus make sure no one get to eat him except me!! haha.. nt to worry i'll spit him out for u when u come back.hehe
p/s : we compare our skin when u come back! im gonna beat u! haha

And last but nt least...

Victim No. 4
Miss Elaine Saw
U called yrself the unluckiest gal in the world.. for u always get picked for sumthing u duwan to join.. or was selected 5 times in a row when playing simon says..yah pretty damn luck..but nt to worry.. ure a very tough gal yrself although u haven realize yet.. haha..U CAN DO IT! jus remember dun eat their FISH!! haha
p/s: I cant bring yr house to u but i can take yr hse pics for u! but i dun think i can get into yr hse to take pics..haha..Take care!

And slowly one by one they went on their buses and off the buses went...some cried for they were scared ..some cried for they had to be away from their love ones .While i stood there thinking.... i got no one to cry for..yah me..or nt... haha ..

THEY WILL BE BACK !!! (After 11 weeks ) Enjoy it everyone!

When u realized ure waiting for no one for no one was waiting for u.

Ure awake.

And the Forever Dream was jus a glimpse of reality.


Stupid of me.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Langkawi Trip Final Day

Three Headed snake are better den one.


Final day of our trip...forgot wat time we woke up... we jus kept arguing for none of us wanted to get out of bed and bath 1st...finally i sacrificed myself and went to prepare first since i got no one to 'warm me up' on my bed . LOL..

Last checking on my chocolates. =)

styling my hair.

our love nest. haha

Last look at our love nest.

When we had done wif the packings we decided to took some pics as commemorations.

in our love nest.

Outside our love nest.= P

Goodbye Love Nest. =(

We checked out the motel at around 10 am ..we'll be leaving Langkawi at 5.15pm. So we went to the Snake Sanctuary where miss camilla had been hoping to go since the 1st day we arrived.

prepare to be swallowed !

We were jus in time for the snake show. I was hoping tht they will perform wif King Cobra but sadly they din...they weren't pro enuf! haha no lar its too dangerous and no one dare to ply wif the king cobra anymore since the best snake player was dead cause of it.. i think...

Rat Snake.
A very fast moving snake.

rat snake.

A type of venomous snake.

kiss kiss kiss.

Face look fat cuz of sunburn.



snake lover.

Below are some pictures of the snakes in the sanctuary.
King Cobra.

And i met mr tokay gekko again.


Mr scorpion ...

Remember to bring mosquito repellent if ure goin to the Snake Sanctuary . God damn bloodly hell stupid mosquitoes kept sucking my blood make me damn itchy!

After tht we continued our journey to our next destination. We planned to go to the Langkawi Caves. On the way we passed by the Mahsuri's Tomb so we decided to have a look at it 1st.

The tomb was erected to honor Mahsuri ..a beautiful lady who was unjustly accused of adultery. According to legend .. she bled white blood at her execution as a sign of her innocence. In her dying breath she laid a curse on the island tht it would remain barren for seven generations.

exploring the place.

Mahsuri's Tomb.

Malay Tradition Drum Band?

(must watch! nice music)

Mahsuri's well.
Maybe the water in the well is the secret to Mahsuri's beauty?Trying to get the water.

We went on our way to Langkawi Caves after tht..when we reached there it was almost 2pm. We asked for the price to get to the caves. It's around rm160 for a boat... yea u nid rent a boat to get to the caves.. and it took minimum 2 hours for the whole trip..we dun have enuf time for it.. sadly we had to cancel the trip.

So we went back to Kuah town and to a mall to do a bit of shopping and get our lunch . We went to Marrybrown for lunch..a kind of fast food restaurant like KFC.. mr aik wei wanna try it out so we went there for our lunch.


and tis time i was the 1st to finish my food! hoho...
cuz i was the 1st to get my food. haha.

so i vain around while waiting for em.

Later on we just shopped around for awhile till it was nearly time and we went to the jetty to catch our ride home.

B4 leaving Langkawi.

Last pic at Langkawi .

And off we went aboard the ferry.
mr y.yang , miss huey xing & mr pat.

miss camilla , mr pat & mr aik wei.

Group pic.

mr pat star & mr patrick.

Last look at Langkawi.

I had enjoyed my trip to Langkawi. It was real fun and all...and reali a good place for me to relax and forgot all the stupid stuffs . Reali appreciate it and a BIG thank you to mr aik wei , mr y.yang , miss camilla & miss huey xing!

Goodbye Langkawi.