Sunday, December 30, 2007

Web Cam Victims!

We heard alot abt some horny idiots(male and female) cam sex wif someone they dunno thru Msn or any other instant messaging programs and their pics/videos were captured or recorded when they were ..... doin watever they loved to do ....NAKED~ haha .

Ended up some become victims of the other.. they blackmailed them wif photos/videos of them naked or watever they do best on cam sex by giving them a huge amount of money or else they will post it up for the world to see~

So the moral of tis story is... never ever view cam wif strangers or get horny wif strangers on web cam ?


Dun even view web cam wif yr closest frenz or even yr partner ..they will do they same too! excluded the part of blackmailing and all.. but they will take pics of u when u din even expected them to..u wont noe when ure diggin yr NOSE in front of the cam and KACHAK! they snapped it and showed to u jus to laugh abt... zZzzz...

Recently ive become one of the victim .. oh how NAIVE of me . haha...

Criminal : Li chin

Victim : Patrick

captured by li chin ! see how innocent i looked!! haha

Criminal : Qin

Victims : Yy , Chris , Pat , 2 unidentified female and Qin ( himself)

innocent faces wif no idea tht their pics were being taken!
Note : never view cam when ure shirtless.

U can see from those pics even the CRIMINAL himself became the VICTIM!!! how IRONICE was tht! the webcam is an EVIL THINGY! get rid of it ! haha ...



OkAY okay i know im bein ridiculous jus out of stuff to blog abt~ haha... = )

To : MR. Khaw Y.Yang

SHOUT OUT to ma boy Mr. Yy who turned 17 today!

ure the only person i noe tht was born in the 30th of Dec.

Image provided by

Image provided by

click HERE and check out his friendster.
Enjoy yr BDAY and may all yr wish come true~

p/s:Finally u can go for yr car lesson!! hehe..

best wishes by..


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Typical Day


12 pm.

sunny day.

red box.

Went wif Qin,Az,yida KS & his gf... Sang like crazy .. hmm... shud be shouted like hell~ haha ...


Ended from red box.

Went met up wif Li Chin and Kye Bei. They're goin to red box at 3.30pm. so i accompanied them for awhile. Walked around Gp wif them.


Escorted them both to red box and i left and catched up wif the gang again. We went to play pool . I played 2 match wif Qin... but i cant tell u who won the game cuz SOMEONE BANNED me to do so... haah.. x)

5.00 pm

Az and Yida went home. Left me and Qin .. we got nothing to do ... haha... so we went to where Lst was working and accompanied him there since his boss was nt around. haha.. He complained tht no business these days .. so he earned less commission ... He's working at HARMONY WORLD 4th floor in GP.. please pay him a visit if u wanna get crystals ... haha...

pretty shiny crystal made animals?Lst the hardworking promoter.


Left Lst working place and we went Foodloft for JUMBO ICE MANGO aka J.I.M. Thks for the treat Qin~
Wats wif Qin's hand? haha.

Enjoying the nice view.

The arrivial of J.I.M.. big smile on qin's face~

Everyone's Fav J.I.M



My mom called and asked me to have dinner wif her and my sisters. My mom asked me to bring Qin along but Qin was so so so SHY~ keep rejecting.. haha..but was forced there by me at last~ haha...

He called my mom AH JI instead of Aunty ( i asked Qin to call her so ) .. my mom was so damn happy .. haha ~

I introduced Qin to my mom as my bf (Haha) and my mom asked am I the boy or is he the boy (LOL~!) while my sis asked Qin which bf is he cuz she's confused wif all the bfS I got!!!! Wat an open minded Family i had here! (..........!!!.. )

We went to the famous western food restaurant at Fetes Park for dinner.

Group pic of Qin , my sis , my lil sis ( my mom said she got 2 sons and a daughter tht night cuz my lil sis is a TB which she kept denied .. but she dressed like one! ) and my talked like a teen mom ( Qin said so ) . =)

Qin ordered chicken gordon bleu while i ordered black pepper chicken.

My black pepper chicken. Pepperlicious!

Qin's chicken gordon bleu. CHEESY.

The conversation was nice during our dinner until..... my mom said she read my blog and my blog only talked abt myself ( DUH~! its my blog of course talked abt my life or who else~? ) and fulled with pics of me ( Double DUH~! its my blog wurt~ or shud i upload pics of monkeys ar ? haha ) but Qin found it very funny and kept laughing... so helpful of him.. haha.. SO! i took a pic of my mom since she said i only blogged abt me! haha

Mommy's Picture.

8.45 pm

Finished our dinner.. my sis fetched my lil sis home while my mom fetched me and Qin to pragin mall where Qin's mom will come and fetch him around 9.45 pm.

So we shopped around pm although most stores are nearly closed.

Soon or later Qin's mom came and fetched him and i went home around 10 fetched by my mom too~ hehe.

I had FUN.


Air Itam Dam.


Beauty of Nature.

Fresh Air.


Go there if u wanna calm yrself down... and get away from the confusing world.

You'll feel better there. =)

Shout out and credit to AW who fetched me up there.

A story abt 2 men and a mountain ? haha ..u wish~


Christmas Eve

LoVing My Shades . =)

Decided to go GP to count down for Christmas cause UPR will be freaking jam. My sis forced me to go do some last minute Christmas shopping wif her b4 heading to GP.

U.S Potatoes. Double the price of local potatoes for a kg..In Sunshine Farlim.Then we went Tesco to shop for ?

i dunno wat kind of vege is tis i jus noe u can eat it raw. haha.

vain in tesco vege section. haha

After tht we went to my mom's house cause my sis wanna prepare salad + mashed potatoes. My mom was not home but my aunt and her baby son was. My aunt complained her boredom at home cuz she cant go out even during christmas eve. Havin a Baby comes wif alot of RESPONSIBILITY and SACRIFICING. so think twice b4 u ... haha.. lalalala....

My baby cousin. He blog too u noe~ haha. u can view it HERE.

My sis was freaking slow and im late to meet Li Chin in Gp. And finally my sis was done wif her stuff and we rushed to GP. Met up wif Li Chin finally and i had my 1st meal on tht day at BBQ chicken. Met lots of frenz there sorry cant listed them all out cuz im scared i missed out any and they will get upset. haha ..

PPL moutain PPL sea ?

Everyone went crazy tht day. Sprayin here and there.. din took pics cuz scare my hp will get spoiled. haha.. See more from Li Chin's blog.

We went home around 1 sumthing in the morning. Stucked on the car park for nearly 40 minutes! zZzzz... Dropped Li chin at marina bay where her dad gonna pick her up and i drove all the way to Evergreen hotel to pass Elaine Pcghs' school mag. And i drove all the way home. Made some extra turn tht was unnecessary all thks to my lil sis insisting i went the wrong way~ haha .. reached home around 3 .


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pinkish Day

Stayed home on Sat cuz im lazy to go anywhere.

Rejected lots of my frenz when they asked me out. I think they had already irritated by me . LOL~

Sorry guys but im juz so SO so So LAZY! ha...ha ..

My dad shouted for me when i was abt to go to my room to enjoy my comic magazine... ZzzzZZzz...

My dad said my aunt jus called . (my dad's sister).. she asked us to go to her house to get .... hmmm.. i dunno the name for it but its the dessert i think .. tht u eat during Mid Autumn Festival... noe nothing abt the festival.. i jus noe its abt the dessert.. haha... dunno wat its called but translated from chinese it's called ROUND SOUP? ( in chinese :汤圆 ) haha.. but my sis called it

So i drove to my aunt hse . And on one of the red light i looked beside and For Fuck Sake i saw the 1st on my MOST HATED LIST LOSER!
HxL!!! (form 3 disciplin teacher ) i can said tht none of the student in my high school liked or like her!!
Always bein unreasonble and expelling students and giving dem demerits is here greatest JOY!! hey nt tht i prejudice her im okay wif other teachers but nt her! she never listen to yr explaination and she always think she's right even if u didnt committed the crime she stil give u demerits cuz like i said.. she always think she's right!!

hate her hate her hate her! she saw i was lookin at her and she quickly turn back and acted she din see me! HAHA!! doesnt she ever felt guilty ? !@# !@#$&(*(~~!!
oh well.. enuf talkin abt tht loser.

me & my Bur. While red light duh.

Reached my aunt hse and ... WALAH!

Round Soup aka The Chinese Jelly.


After we got the thingy den we went home.. my sisters forced me to ply badminton wif them .. lolz.. the last time i plyed my whole body ached due to din exercise for quiet some time after SPM. haha ..

wif style?

Come to daddy!



The game ended earlier den i expected cuz .. erm.. i sprained my ASS! haha.. over stretched my leg.. haha..always warm up b4 u start any sports kids~ haha.

Pics Talk . I Dun Nid To


Gurney Plaza.

Outing wif Li Chin.

Lunch at BBQ chicken
one of the best BBQ chicken i ever had.

psp addict

day dreaming.

Met up wif Qin & AZ . They were goin to red box. Chatted awhile wif them.


Alvin & The Chipmunks.
Nt bad. So so. Like their singing.

Met up wif Qin & Az again. Played pool awhile wif Qin.

We watched another movie wif them.

National Treasure 2

Rating : 3 n' a half Star.

After the movie Qin & AZ went for dinner and went home.

Li Chin and I had dinner at Gurney drive hawker stalls .

Apong. Bu Bu cha cha . Her Fav.

My Fav. Her Disgust.