Wednesday, December 5, 2007

End. Done.Free. Whatever u called it!

Its over..!! Finally its over! woohoo~ ...chinese is so damn zZzz...confusing i guess.. haha ... anyway..promise to start a blog after spm .. well of course its to keep contact wif my fellow pals but actually the main reason is ... hehe... to keep my gurl update about me of course.. since she's goin overseas to study soon... cant let her feel left out can i ? =P

Went out of the exam hall 20 minutes before it ends.. too cold to stay in even thought i wore a sweater over my school uniform.. freaking cold~

Promised Han to go to his new condo for a BBQ party ...organized by CK .. or izzit OBL? nt sure.. haha.. my main purpose is to get into the pool! haha ..

thats the pool alright... its big right ? u know why im so eager to get into it ... haha!

Yida fetch me to the condo abt 630 i think...they already started the party ... guess OBL's stomach waits for no one.. haha ..

me bbq-ing 2 chicken wings. one for me one for qin .

left to right : qin,yida,chef le' pat,jeff & obl

After the party i went swimming wif qin .. at night! its cold at first but after doing some cannon ball and back flipping into the pool we cope wif the temperature of the water. Qin is havin a running nose but when he get to play he dun care~ haha.. and guess what happen after the night swim ? He become like tis :

tissues after tissues to stuff his nose hole! haha.. but it was worth it i guess. =)

After the night swim i start to eat again.. haha.. swimmin makes u really hungry.. but nothing much left to eat so i jus heat some fried bihun to eat .

strong wind blew till my hair look like tis while im havin bihun , hardly can open my eyes too. =p

After i finished my bihun the guys jus chat and fool around...we talked abt TBB's armpit.. -_-'' .. haha ..and stuff abt our school.. yea im sure im gonna miss my school life but i cant actually think of any specific memory that is memorable enough during my school life.. sad case.. haha oh well after tht abt 11pm qin went home while we guys clean up the mess.. and we decided to continue our talk at queensbay mall's coffee bean but sadly when we reached they are about to close. So we just sat outside the mall and chat! haha . and waiting for SM to come back from his house where he get his stuff and come back here to meet us.. lolz.. after that most of the guys went to YL's house overnight. While me,yida,jeff and Jh decided to continue out talk in greenlane mcd! haha... we talk until abt 1am when Jh got to go home and we continue till 2am ! haha yea i noe WE TALK TOO MUCH! haha . oh well.. i'll let the pictures do the talkin now =P

chit chatchatting outside qb malllchattin after partygroup pic.. in case we're too bz to meet in the future.

We went home after abt 0210. Tiring day.. but memorable at last .

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