Thursday, December 13, 2007

Edu. Fair

Went to Edu. fair on wednesday mom came and fetch me .. on the way there she asked abt wat i wanna study and all.. she gave me her opinions which i appreciated it alot but the main problem is my father. zZz...

Reached the fair abt 1300 . I shud had reached at 1200 but apparently i was late. I shud had met up wif Qin but he already left and went to GP wif jeff and OBL. So i went in the fair alone.

The fair was held in a ballroom at traders' hotel . It was crowded wif ppl . B4 i entered i went up the escalator and i saw ah dick came down from the escalator . I greeted him and he ask me to wait him while he went back up to meet me . He asked me if im goin to his BBQ party or nt ( yea we luv BBQ! ) and i said im nt sure cuz i got no transport .. but den he asked me to ask AW to fetch me there so i text msg and asked him and he said ok so i agreed to go .

crowded crowded crowded !!
people people people!

When i was wondering around i met up wif YY , AT and Cker ...i chatted awhile wif AT and Cker when Cker keep tellin me all tis cold jokes which made me wonder shud i laugh or nt.. haha ...after tht i asked some info at diff college service center . Mostly everything was abt $$$$$ ~ No money no talk~! haha . Got lots of brochures which i can look thru for more info when i got home and compare which one was more worthed it .

Later on i met up wif Elaine and she passed me her school graduation mag. God she's so thin and short! haha.. and yet she still said im thin like paper.. and she wanna study courses tht related to nutrition food . HAHA.. she shud reali try and "Nutrientlize'' herself 1st.. haha .. since i still got time i accompanied her around and we met up wif TM and EL . EL jus registered and she's goin to study in Disted while TM wanna study dentistry but the fees are like 40k a year and she nid to study for 5 years !! haha.. she nearly went crazi .. haha... she even said if she sold her house .. cars and included her siblings still nt enuf! haha ... after awhile i was gonna leave and i wished them gud luck and gud bye.


when i was jus stepping out of the ballroom i met up wif YW .. javen ..CKhye and John. Haven met them since after spm. So i followed them around and fool around wif them. javen smiling to the camera.

Asking for info.

john...YW... CKhye.

After tht we went back and went to northan cafe for dinner and i went back early abt 2000 .


ElAine Saw said...

If i able to be a nutritionist,
u wil be my 1st patient,
e-lin tot u ve got malnutrition..
good luck in watever u had chose

p a t r i c k said...

malnutrition yr head lar.. u cure yrself 1st thank you i eat alot eh jus cant fat nia k.. hehe.. thks for the mag.