Monday, December 17, 2007

Sunday Sundae

Decided to go Qb wif frenz when i finally got myself a no i meant when i finally found someone tht was kind enuf to fetch me there.. haha
while preparing .

AT came and fetched me wif AZ around 1100 .. he jus got his car license ytd .. lol... i prayed the whole way there.. and finally ..
Reached ! In one piece! haha

Waited for Qin and YY while AK & AZ had some vanilla sundaes . When they reached they wanna go skating but im hungry and YY duwan to skate too.. so we seperated while AK , AZ and Qin went skating. Later on Han called me said he was on his way and he duwan to skate too~ hehe.. so we met up wif him and he suggested to go Hse Of Pancakes for lunch.Han paid the bill. Thks~ =p

Han & YY =)

Nearly finished pancake. Too hungry to picture it while it's still in one piece. haha

Walked around the mall after we had our lunch.
YY vain-ing.

window shopping

And we saw tis totally SKILLED uncle doin sumthin i never seen b4..they called him the 吹糖人.. translated : the sweet blowing man ? haha he blowed the sweet on a stick into diff kind of shapes and sizes... i dun think i would wanna eat it .. its so well made and nice! haha ..

Han was nt interested in all of it ( its ART man! haha ) and he wanted to shop for shoes so we went to Royal Sports since he wanted to check on some Vans' products. On our way there someone shouted YY from above and when we looked up it was BakBak . LOL.. he was supposed to meet up wif ES but he was late and he's been walkin around ALONE for sometime. Poor BakBak... haha.. so he joined us and we accompanied him to go meet up wif ES .

Left 2 right--BakBak . Es . Han

After we 'escorted' BakBak we went to Royal Sports and while Han trying on shoes he wanted i vained again .. haha .. time is money and i dun waste money! haha

YY went home early cuz he was sleepy and he had to work later .. so we went back to meet the guys tht finally came out from skating after 3 hours ..their legs were made of steel!! haha ...they were freaking hungry and we tried to figure out where to eat ..

Han : DOME!!
Qin : No.
AT : No.
AZ : NO.
Bak : NO.
Jeff : Cincai.
Es : I jus had BREEKS wif my cousin.
Pat : I dunno.
(Han sulk... haha.. )

Dave Deli's ?
Han : har..
Qin : okay.
AT : chicken!
AZ : .....
Bak : .....
Jeff : i'll EAT anything!!
Es : ....
Pat : (taking photos)


Han : duwan lar nt nice.
Qin : im hungry!
AT : chicken! chicken!
AZ : sure..
Bak : FISH?
Jeff : Gimme FOOD!
Es : im jus accompanying u all anyway.
Pat : (dreaming)

Qin : no more Nando's! their smashed potatoes makes me vomit!
AT : chicken! chicken! chicken! chicken!
AZ : lalalala..
Bak : yah i will vomit too no Nando's!
Jeff : (saliva dripping... )
Es : .......
Pat : zZzZzZz...
(Han was ignored.. haha)

Bla Bla Bla...

Lol ended up we went Dave Deli's ... but the place was nearly full and they dun have table for 8 and they asked us to wait so we sat down and wait . While waiting we saw our school teacher..Black long sleeve top + golden leggings ?

Onli one teacher in our school(ex school act..) is tht fashionable . Hehe.. if u knew my school u'll figured it out .. haha.. she went shoppin wif her daughter... ENJOY LIFE dear teacher .. although u did let me had small demerits b4~ but i FORGIVE u.. haha...

The guys were pissed off waiting due to hungriness so they left and went to M. Fish Market. Ate like hungry ghosts and keep refilling drinks since its bottomless.. haha. They were Fulled & Satisfied~ haha

Jeff and Qin wanted to get some clothes so they went to PDI concept store and Jeff was a crazi shopaholic ! He jus took like 7 or 8 shirts and din even tried it on and went to pay fot it! LOL .. whereas Qin was choosing his clothes slowly and there were freaking lots of mirror around... so .. hehe .

AT & Pat

vain wif the neck scarf .

After tht they were nt yet satisfied (especially Jeff) so we went to another store to shop . lol.. and yea Jeff bought some shirts again without tryin it on.. haha .. and Qin was tryin on each shirt so i went in the fittin room wif him .........cuz of the mirror duh .. haha...


Went coffee bean to relax after tht cuz the guys were exhausted.. b4 we reached coffee bean we passed by MNG . and we saw tis sign ---And ppl kinda went crazi because of tht i reckon... and we were shocked when we looked in MNG... swt swt swt..speechless.. i'll let the pic do the talking.There's even a security guard standin at the entrance. haha .. zZZzz..

Relaxed ourselves in coffee bean b4 we went home. Talked abt where we gonna study and all.. we sounded OLD... haha..

han & qin

Left 2 right _Jeff , AT & AZ

Future talk Hp Addict

Look up on each other . =)

Abt 1700 AT fetched 5 of us home using his kancil~! haha.. yap lucky we were all slim and thin (except for jeff thts why he sat in the front seat) haha... After dropping off Jeff and Han we went to Qin's hse and i realize Qin and I had one thing in common ....

but still nt as messy as mine. haha. guess i won =p

Qin's Shelf of FameQin calling his mom to inform her he's home in one piece .

Qin plying the piano.

Qin The Pianist

We went to somewhere nearby Qin's hse for dinner and after tht we dropped Qin home and we went to bus terminal cuz AT wanna get ticket to KL . After tht he fetched me home abt 2300 . Raining season .


Li said...

mng sales always got security guards eh. even da fitting room at island plaza also got. :) queensbay i dun like the mng sales there. always no fitting room space. they got like 4 rooms lidat nia. =.= den have to line up long long time.

p a t r i c k said...

LOL... MNG used to be high street.. now its like CHEAP .. haha.. can get if for rm20.. zZzz..