Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Starry Hill

Juz came back from KL.
Went there to do some early chirstmas shopping..err NO i mean
to visit my sis who misses me alot. =)

I hate their traffic.
Your grandma can reach the destination by walking earlier den u wif your car.
I hate their weather.
Their weather is like yr gf's emotion.
I hate their dusty air.
My farts are even more fresh den their stupid air.

i hate KL except for the MALLS.

Missed out tis photo for the previous post.

Mr Vince forgot to send me i think.

Took tis when i was on my way to KL.

While we reached KL it was already 7 sumthing and was stuck on the traffic for nearly an hour and a half. =(

So first thing we did was checked in to our hotel and went for Twilight at Pavilion mall.

The movie was GREAT!
Way better den i had expected!!
It din cut out most of the important scenes!
Way way way~ better den Harry 'Boredder' =)

Think the 1st movie was great?
Wait till they make the 2nd 3rd 4th 5th!!
the storyline gets better and better!!!

After we finished the movie it was around 3 sumthing.
Surprisingly my mom din fall asleep while watching Twilight.
She enjoyed it actually. =)
While both of my sis which sat beside me kept screaming every time when Edward Cullen appears on screen every time. ( they read the novel too ,i'll like to think i influenced them.. haha )

Took these when on my way back to the hotel.

One of Miss J's obsession.
Which she told me she just got one of its bag.
When are u gonna gimme yr LV notebook?

Louis Vuitton.
Funny to say i saw 2 stickers which said :
"Yr Fur Got Faces On it"
On their store's window.
Must be some work of the PETA supporters.

And tht goes of my first day in KL!!

2nd day,see the weather and the air?

sucks right.

Woke up early in the morning on the next day,
went to Sungai Wang , din find wat i wanted.
went to Timesquare, fucking big bt i cant find wat i wanted.
went to Lot10 jus to help mr keat wei to get his ipod but apparently it was only sold in sunway's Machine.

Saw tis Gold Man on the street.
He looks alot like Mr Magoo to me. =)


with a HUGE decoration of Christmas tree!

Lucky me the Malaysia Saving Sales was just launched yesterday.
Shop till my legs fall off and i still continue shop by crawling.

One of my fav.
Cant afford it.

My all time obsession.
cant afford it too~
Did wanna get its wallet,
when my mom & sis told me to get it when the money in my wallet is more den the price of the wallet.
Hmmm.. Got point also.

After tht went Petaling street.
Din took any pics there scare get robbed.
Went back soon after.
And on the same street we saw ..

Mr Silver Man tis time.
He wont move an inch at all.

Went back to the hotel and i slept like a log.

Bought myself these stuff only.

and bought some others on the 3rd day.

Had to wake up early and went back to Pavilion to shop b4 check out from the hotel while my mom and sis still sleeping.

credits to miss sze theng who sms wif me on the boring traffic jam.
and to miss J who told me where to get wat i wanted.
and also miss elaine who sms wif me when im on my way to KL.
and to mr pat the great's hairy legs for bringing him around .

~the end~

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Moto moto~

Watched Madagascar 2 last week.
Yea its reali freaking damn funny.
But the storyline is kinda weak.
i like to move it move~

Watched tis yesterday.
Yes master~
overall its okay.
nt as funny as Madagascar but better storyline.

Cant wait for the next animated movie.
The first 2 were the best animated movie i ever watched.
The creepy looking squirrel is damn funny.

But for now.
Im gonna watch Twilight next.
Hope it is as good as the novel.

Gonna watch wif my sis.
Hoho..better dun disappoint us.

Gurney Plaza had a huge Christmas tree at the entrance.
A month more till Christmas.

checking out the tree.

miss reelee

Clumsy idiot Zhen tht sprained his ankle while walking down the stairs.

miss ying & mr pat

Group pic.
Left to right

Credits to mr vince as the photographer of the day.


PIC of The Day!
was taken of course.
by Pat The Great.

U better nt shout.
U better nt cry.
U better nt yell im telling u why.
Santa Pat is coming to town~

~the end~

Saturday, November 22, 2008









(aint an emo post)

Thursday, November 20, 2008



Definition: 面面到. =)
"俱" wif a 人字部首.

In other words.

Wear a mask in front of everyone.
Be a Faker.


Dun wear a mask.
Be faceless.

by pat the maskular

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Just to stop u guys from nagging me for update.

Nothing much happened.
yet lots of things had happened.
but i cant say it in here.
Too risky.

Yea some ppl are jus too VAIN in a wrong wrong way.
If he wants the world to turn around him.
Den make a lil turn yrself!
Self centered , arrogant .
You're lucky enuf tht there's still one fren of yrs that's still willing to help u out.
but thru the way u answered him.
its obvious tht u still think ure correct in every way.


quote by mr Sheng.

yea for wat i knew.
we aint the first group of ppl tht did tis to u?
If it is maybe we're all mental in some way,
but den it seems like we're nt the first..
and i dun think we'll be the last ..
dun agree?
proof us all wrong den!

and to a good fren of his.

oh ya.

16th Nov 08
Happy Birthday Mr Qin.
A happy 18th bday to u boy.

when wanna go bball or swimming?
Qin,the 2nd from the right.
pat, duwan tell u.

oh and SIS!
sorry i din reply most of yr msn msg i was too occupied wif stupid school stuff.
call me when ure free!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

goin GAGA

Thts me from the outside.

And this will be me from the inside.
Just part of me dun worry.
for now.

Will it stays within forever?
Or will tht day come tht i will..
pull out the demon in me?

It depends i think.

I am Sinful.

and i may have a few skeletons in my closet...
and some truth in the drawers tht i will never tell...

we came to tis world alone.
why cant we jus leave the same way?