Thursday, November 27, 2008

Moto moto~

Watched Madagascar 2 last week.
Yea its reali freaking damn funny.
But the storyline is kinda weak.
i like to move it move~

Watched tis yesterday.
Yes master~
overall its okay.
nt as funny as Madagascar but better storyline.

Cant wait for the next animated movie.
The first 2 were the best animated movie i ever watched.
The creepy looking squirrel is damn funny.

But for now.
Im gonna watch Twilight next.
Hope it is as good as the novel.

Gonna watch wif my sis.
Hoho..better dun disappoint us.

Gurney Plaza had a huge Christmas tree at the entrance.
A month more till Christmas.

checking out the tree.

miss reelee

Clumsy idiot Zhen tht sprained his ankle while walking down the stairs.

miss ying & mr pat

Group pic.
Left to right

Credits to mr vince as the photographer of the day.


PIC of The Day!
was taken of course.
by Pat The Great.

U better nt shout.
U better nt cry.
U better nt yell im telling u why.
Santa Pat is coming to town~

~the end~

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