Saturday, January 26, 2008

The End of My Endless Trilogy

I've expected tht it will happen on tis day ... but i chose to ignore the voice in my head tht was tellin me as if it wont happen if i ignored it. I kept myself bz... bz enuf to cant even had a second to think at all.

I've said i'll respect yr decision. So i did.. i tried nt to let u noe how i felt ... as to stop increasing the felt of guiltiness u already had . Its not yr fault at all..i understood why u did it.. stop blaming yrself.. i think i'll do the same thing if im in yr shoes.

Forgive me for nt contacting u after ive promised we will still kept in touch. I nid some time to get used to it. The feeling.. it jus cant go away no matter how many times i tried to convince myself. Every time when i picked up my phone i jus cant had the courage to even unlock the button. I cant blif it reali happened even after i thought im ready for the worst . I've received the worst...but im nt ready at all.

It is our 3rd year anniversary ... its nt long ... but what we've been thru were strong enuf to make my tears drop for ppl tht knew me i hardly cry... Me & you .. its nt abt a relationship... it had became a habit to me.. its normal to have u wif me all the time.

I knew i aint a reali good partner to u .. but u had been the best thing tht happened to me. I never met anyone tht shared so many interested tht were same as mine . I can look at u for hours without talkin and still felt the sweet conversation between us.

As for the future ... i dunno wat is there awaiting for me .. or for u ... but i knew wat i will be waiting for.

Thank you for those who comforted me.Time will tell.

I was like a lost moon.
My planet destroyed in some cataclysmic .
Disaster movie scenario of desolation... Tht continued nevertheless to circle in a tight little orbit around the empty space left behind. Ignoring the laws of gravity.

我真的懂 你不是喜新厌旧,
 是我没有 陪在你身边 当你寂寞时候,
別再看著我 说著你爱过,
 別太伤痛 我不难过 这不算什么,
只是为什么眼泪会流 我也不懂 。

就让我走 让我开始享受自由,
 回憶很多 你的影子也会充滿我生活,
我並不懦弱 你比谁都懂,
 虽然寂寞 这会是我 最后的寬容。

抱紧我 再抱紧我, 
这一份感动 请你让我留在胸口,
別在说是你的错 ,
爱到了尽头 是非对错,
 就让它随风 ,
忘了所有 过得比你快活。


by stefanie sun.

For the last time.
Happy anniversary dear.
Love ya . mwah.

Thaipusum ?

Went Gurney Plaza wif my sisters on Thaipusum cuz our dad asked us to go buy clothes for CNY .

End up i onli get a pair of shoes. Nothin much happen... Met up wif Qin,Jen and her bro , Lst , Elaine , AZ , En....

Well.. The Ironic part.. It was Thaipusum Day right? but...there was a CHINESE TRADITIONAL LION DANCE COMPETITION in Gurney Plaza. They shud held tht competition few days b4 CNY right ? why held it during Thaipusum? maybe cuz it was a public holiday and they wanna attract more ppl i guess.

Another Question. Why izzit the LION dance? to me it looked more like a TIGER den LION right ? and if its a traditional chinese thingy.. if im nt mistaken.. There aint LIONS in CHiNA.. onli TIGERS~ oh well.. here's a clip i took while one of the contestants were performing.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

R.I.P Heath Ledger

Heathcliff Andrew Ledger (April 4, 1979January 22, 2008) was an Academy Award-nominated Australian actor. After appearing in television roles during the 1990s, Ledger developed a Hollywood career. He starred in both critical and financial successes, including Ten Things I Hate about You, The Patriot, Monster's Ball, A Knight's Tale and Brokeback Mountain, and completed the role of the Joker in the forthcoming The Dark Knight.

Maybe u guys knew him as the actor acted as Ennis del Mar in Brokeback Mountain.He was found dead in his fourth-floor apartment . Sad Sad Sad... He was such a great actor.

I loved his role as Casanova in the movie Casanova. An autopsy is scheduled in the tragic death of Heath Ledger for Wednesday, but it will be weeks at least before we have a conclusive answer as to his passing.

Heart aches for Heath's little daughter, Matilda, aged 2.

Oh yah.. note tis guys.. Some Baptist Church announced plans to PROTEST at the funeral of Heath Ledger!!


Because he acted in Brokeback Mountain as a gay man and cuz of tht he was considered as promoting homosexuality! Arghhhh~!!

LAME. LAME. tsk tsk..

Sobx...lets have a moment of silence for the talented actor who died in such tragedy.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The 19th of JAN. 2008

The 19th of January 2008 .

Congratulation to my OLD OLD FREN ELAINE SAW who officially turned 18 on tis day!

U still owed me 2 years of my burfday present wei~ haha

I'll promote yr blog as yr present tis year lar kay.. haha ..

EVERYONE CLICK THIS and check out her BLOG!!!!! NICE & FRESH! HA!

p/s : Sorry for din wish u on 00.00 am i slept d .. least i still got wished u after tht~ be grateful wei! haha .... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


The 19th of January 2008.

I finally had my haircut .

Din had one since ....................... I think one month b4 SPM till yesterday~

My dad kept on complaining my hair too long . LOL .. i dun think so at all but i felt its damn untidy only. ( Guess daddy aint open minded enuf )

So i went and get a haircut yesterday. Was kinda nervous .. dunno why... scare it wont look nice ? Probably .

Cutting In Progress.


Nothing beats the mood of a new hairstyle! haha..always try something new! NICE? Well as long as i like it i dun care what u other hypocrites said! HAHA juz jk.


The 19th of January 2008

Mr Dick went on a plane to continue his studies in Perth , Australia .


Mr Dick wif his family and friends.

The last Dinner i had wif him b4 he departed . Treated by his dad.
The Nando's Lucky number 7.

For Memories . For Frenz . For Ever.

Will never forget yr laughter .
Especially the laughter tht always make me laugh.

Will never forget u teach me how to gamble.
I will NEVER forget i lost RM60 to u u lucky fella!
Lied to the teacher tht we used the cards to do magic.
Let Bak sacrificed himself and took the blame for us.

Made the teachers blacklisted us as problem students.
I tried to comfort u when u came to me while depressed.
Sneaked yr pet snake into school juz cuz i told ya to.
Scared the hell out of the teachers wif yr snakes.

You always tried to kiss me! (yucks)
Only when u were very happy.
U are forbid to forget abt us!!!









Yesh EVERYONE! I've DONE IT AGAIN! Painted my house gate~! (wif some help from my sisters) Lazy wif the details ! u Can see my MASTERPIECE IN PROGRESS from the pictures below~ ( and me doing the hard work )

BEFORE. (yah yah i noe its reali ......speechless =X )

In progress~

I'm a happy free-of-charge working man.

The gate named after me! LOL~

Snapped by my sis~ SMiLE~




A brand new looking GATE!

yup i noe its such a nice work done by MUAR~ nonit praise me! haha gate for the new year~!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Karma of Laziness

Well .. since i was lazy to go anywhere ..i had to be a driver to my lil sis... and too i had to make some effort to earn my doin nothing at home whole day .

So... i painted my house back door~! My dad asked me to repaint it last week but i was lazy to. So why i painted it now? Cuz im getting bored and nothing to do thts why!! haha .... I forgot to take pics of my house back door b4 i painted it so ive onli got pics after i painted it.

Its kinda fun actually...haha..better den painting drawings! haha.


Job well done eh~ hehe.

Thought of drew something on it but i think my dad will kill me if i make the back door looked like a NURSERY DOOR . oh well.

When im done.. guessed wat my dad said. No he din praise or anything.. he asked me to paint the gate tomorrow!! OMG! I am so nt gonna stay at home anymore or he'll kept on asked me to do god knows wat!

Nt tht im complaining or anything painting stuff was quiet FUN but wats the point if we're goin to move soon?

Yah im moving soon ... gonna move out of tis house ive lived since... since i knew i stayed here! BUT.... the IRONIC part was... im moving to the hse jus behind the house im living now! FUNNY right?? i told my dad to jus combined both of the house since both houses were ours jus we rented it b4 tht but he refused to! We had to move there juz cuz my superstitious aunt said the current hse im living FENG SHUI TAK BAIK! lol... wat a reasonable excuse!!

Will update pics of me painting the gate i guess.. depends when i will start painting it. haha ...

Been being my lil sis' driver since her school started...Din drive her to school but had to fetch her to her tuition center. Yesterday i fetched her to her 1st tuition center which she get her maths tutor by my ex tuition teacher... Drove her there at 3pm and had to fetch her back at 4.45pm .

When she got on the car she told me the tuition teacher misses me cuz she asked her how ive been lately.. and my lil sis told her i jus sleep eat and on9 whole day~ thks for defending my reputation sis! lol...

And at 6pm i had to fetch my lil sis AGAIN to her malay tuition center (winnie yap) .. and so again i drove her there and after droppin her off i remembered Yida was working at sunshine farlim which is like jus behind my lil sis tuition center.. so i dropped by and visited him at work.

Yup! He is workin at Bee Zhin Hiong! Selling BAK GUA!!

After chatting wif him for awhile he kept wanna get rid of me cuz he said his manager from Singapore will be coming soon... lol... so i went home and spent the rest of my day on9.

Oh ya met Jia Yik & Wei Ping at sunshine farlim too they were selling hamper.. haha. enjoy working everyone~

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just For Laughter

I aint RACIST but the video below is reali reali reali FUNNY!

The person who done tht subtitles is BRILLIANT!

Its jus for laughter please dun get too serious abt it alright.

I din make tht video so i aint responsible for it.. HAHA..


Credits : Thanks to Zheng Ying who sent me tis video. U lighten up my boring day! haha .. tht song gonna stuck in my head for days!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

America Presidential Election

Who will WIN the presidential election ?


Will Hilary Clinton be the 1st Female President of America?

Barack Obama as the 1st African-American President of America?

John Edwards who promised to end the war in Iraq??



Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City ?

Romney, the former Governor of Massachusetts?

Fred Thompson, actor and former Senator ? matter which candidates win the election .. rememeber to keep those promises tht u made on yr speeches and.... STOP THE WAR !!! WORLD PEACE!!!

Advance Bye Bye to President BUSH!~ (who started the war in IRAQ!!!)

For now.. lets RELAX and have a Champaign Game!

Click on the ICON to play the game!

Games at - Campaign Game
Campaign Game

Back a candidate and gain the support of the regions to win the Presidential Election.

Play this free game now!!

or u can click on HERE to get to the game.



Saturday, January 12, 2008

Thank You Sis

My sister bought me tis for my 18th birthday. She was the one i least expected to give me present. She said she saw tis and knew i sure will like it .


I like creepy cute stuff .. tht explained why i adored snakes ..the ALIEN in Alien the movie and AvP etc. HAHA. I still think snakes are CUTE!

Tis thingy got nails stuck on his head and a BIG creepy SMILE on his face and 2 BIG GOLDFISH EYES~

SIS said she bought it from Maggie T. LOL. Luv its small creepy hands and legs. haha. I think i talked to it last night. AHEM~ lucky it din respond. hahahaha~!

See how tiny it is but it aint cheap. Cost RM29.90 . Hehe.. Im LUVING it!!!


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sweet 18

Im gettin lazy~ lazy lazy to blog!! im addicted to tv drama series! cant stop watching!! haha ..i've watched like more den 3 diff drama series in a week! LOL!! SOMEBODY STOP ME!!!


Was my 18th Birthday . Happi Bday to me! Celebrated my bday wif Li Chin. Sorry guys i'll make it up to u all .. on my NEXT bday.. haha =p .

NOTE: I wanna thank everyone tht wished me on my b'day! Didn't expect so many ppl to remember since we've graduated! Im TOUCHED. =')

Bday Lunch at DOME wif Li Chin .

Bday pancakes! too damn sweet for me!
din finish it thought .
U think Li Chin spread those butter on the bread?
WRONG!!! she jus ate it ! BUTTER LOVER!
happy face =)Hmmm? so u think tis Choc-a-block looked tasty and harmless right? Its a silent BOMB! We din realized till we get the bill and tis Choc of a B**** cost more den all the other foods we ordered! A stupid drink wif jus whipped and hell noe wat was in it cost more den my foods? lol.Guess we jus had Exp taste. LOL.

Seriously .. we watched all the movies ! (well except for some malay movies) wif no other choices we watched RENDITION since Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhal (actor from Brokeback Mountain ) was in tht movie . Its a movie abt politics and all.. kinda boring .

After the movie like always we went to visit LsT ... haha.. and he was trying to promote crystals to tis westerner . We both laugh like crazy . He was hilarious. I dun think the westerner fully understood wat he was saying..Li chin took a video of it and although she din post it up doesnt mean i wont~! haha

After tht we went to Bellisa Row for dinner .. we walked there since its near enuf and its time to do some walkin and no more taxi! We had our dinner in an Italian Restaurant .. forgot the name of the restaurant but i think there's only one italian restaurant at Bellisa Row.
Li Chin and her Tiramisu . She Loving it!
munchin on my garlic bread.

DONE wif DINNER . TIME for DESSERT. We went to Haagen Dazs for some ice cream of course. Awww..Looked so Innocent. She got a killer look!No im nt drunk.

Sorry no pics of the ice cream cuz Li Chin ate it b4 i could lay my hands on them..haha.

We walked back to Gp after tht and sat at Starbucks to wait for Li Chin's dad to come pick her up at 11pm. And i was shocked to see Adrian & Ah Beh workin at Segafredo cuz they told me they went interviewed tis morning and they already start working tht night.
Too Blur. They were too far away.

Li Chin went home around 11pm and i still duwan to go home yet so i went to have a drink in Sega. Kept went to pee cuz drank too much . Midnight Mint. Recommended by Ah Beh. reali reali nice since i luv anything wif mint.

Bryan came from gym and chatted awhile wif us . Saw Yy & his fren walked pass wif a big bottle of water.. apparently Vincent's car was SMOKING~ haha... and Aik Wei came along to fetch Yy back. Thks for the wish guys. =)

Mr Beh cant stop posing for the cam in his new uniform.=p
p/s: He is still single(girls ONLY)

Waited for them to finished their work and we went to eat opposite my primary school and went home. Reached home around 430am.

Enjoyed my night alot thks alot dear.