Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Im in Luv! wif my new Skin.

New Skin!
New Skin!
i got myself a new skin!
and im Loving it!

New skin for my msn messenger lar~
nt for myself!
im nt a snake for TooT sake~

Got tis Ironman new skin !
now i got mini ironman replacing the orginal msn logo!
so damn cute? haha

click on it to enlarge.

the main skin.

conversation skin.

check out the mini ironman tht replaced the original msn logo on the right down side.

Ironman everywhere!


eg 2.

Hmmm.. wat?? u wanna get yrself a new skin too? wan me to teach u how?
i wont.

jus joking~

U can get all kind of skins nt jus ironman .. u can even create yr own!
No more boring same old msn style and u can have yr own unique skin!

Here's the LINK to the website.

To download the skins and all..
u must have msn plus!

and some of the skins may got their conditions tht u nid the latest version of msn messenger or msn plus! or it wont work.


pat the great.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Random Shots

click on the pics to enlarge.

flip flops.


Love Island.







nice weather.

pics were taken on 13/04/08

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Someone explain tis to me!

watch the video below.
and explain to me wat are they doin

venue: new world park
date: 24/4/08
time: 8.00pm

thanks to grace and luyi who treated me Bak kut teh & 白斩鸡 .
they wan me to get fatter i guess... haha.

Watched midnight movie again last week wif the guys like we always do...

i wanna watch Over Her Dead Body cuz of Eva Longoria acted in it but mr tiong lie and wei peng were late so we watched The Forbidden Kingdom.

I cant understand wat Mr Jet Li was talkin abt..and i dunno why there were no subtitles half way thru the movie.
and wat the heck wif ' The door of No door' ?
tryin to make it sound cool? zzz
beng beng is doraemon eh 任意门!
ask rainie yang go sing the theme song la toot!
wat monkey king?
beng beng is jus a hairy blonde guy!
I dun recommend any of u guys to watch it.
but den its kinda funny..
its hilarious..
cuz its a totally no logic movie..
deng deng!

oh ya.. im smiling again. =)

The 3rd month since... =)

Monday, April 21, 2008


do u know what hurt the most about a broken heart?

not being able to remember how u felt b4?

try and keep that feeling because if it goes,

you will never get it back.

And then what happen?

then u lay waste the world and everything in it.




are u still listening,
to the same old theme song?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I love Cheese! but tis post got nothing to do wif it LOL~

Okay.. let me think...i woke up around 5 or izzit 6pm?
and i saw Elaine tagged my Chatbox.

16 Apr 08, 20:29
ElAine: U r getting lazy to blog dee huh?haha

I was surprised to see her tagged me for she shud be still in NS. I thought it was other Elaine i knew but nope its her. I thought maybe someone jus used her name or sumthing or watever lar for IMPOSSIBLE she can be on9 !

But i saw her 0n9 later on.. so i nudge her and ask why are u Home?
U ran out of camp became Pelarian d izzit?

So the truth revealed~
she came back for 3 days cuz her sprained ankle still haven recover so the doc in the camp suggested her to go home and go get it heal or sumthing.

So when Luyi suggested us to go out since she came back i of course agree i wont miss out the chance if i get to go out . hahaha.

We ..ahem well actually i wanted to had dinner at the bella italia restaurant at Bellisa row for i luv their penne alot!!
but stupid the place was full and we had to wait but im reali reali reali hungry so we went to secret recipe for dinner . ( which i regretted alot after tht)

The Food Sucks!
thts all i wanted to say... never ever am i goin there again!!

me peeping thru the kitchen of bella italia restaurant.
Seriously u guys shud go try it out! their tiramisu rocks too~

Okay next we went to BED for some drinks and we played poker cards.

player of the night.
mr pat.
see how happy i am?

Later tht we went to the beach.
met ppl there but i cant reali recognize who they were it was too dark..
haha.. left and went back around 12am i think for everyone had to work the 2nd day and elaine is goin back early in the morning.
While ill be sleeping my lazy ass whole day.

Oh oh oh oh tis video below is my fav top model Agyness Dean's commercial for Burberry fragrance which is also my fav brand!
She's hot and she's the best !
she won model of the year or sumthing! hehe.

Listen closely to her voice its damn sexy!! haha
i can be melted by it LOL.

thks to mr aik wei for tellin me tis!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cant Think Of Any Suitable Title.

Date : Last Saturday
Venue: House of Dim Sum
Time: 0930
Purpose: Eat dim sum of course!
Attendant : luyi , aik wei , camilla , y.yang , huey xing , elaine & mr. pat

unknown married uncle flirting wif the waitress dim sum.

aik wei drinkin his tea called '' lil dried leaf ''.
camilla who came back for cheng beng.

mr. pat day dreaming while eating fish ball.
nobody looks gud when they are eating.
Nt even me.

mr pat doin wat he do best :
Crapping wif his mouth full.
elaine the loyal audience.


all the pics above taken by luyi the paparazzi.

When we had finished wif our dim sum..unfortunately camilla had to go home. So the rest of us accompanied elaine to had her ankle check for she sprained her ankle. (Note: I jus remembered she wore size 4 shoes! )

while in the clinic.

special note to mr. pat :
To remind myself Miss Elaine owned me rm20 for she did nt bring enuf money.

and after tht we sent her home too.

We all took a pic together b4 tht.

aik wei , pat , luyi , elaine , huey xing , y.yang

Later on around 6pm we went to Gp Foodloft for i haven had my fav Jumbo Ice Mango for months~!

grabbed from huey xing's blog.

Not to mention 6 of us shared a bowl of Jumbo Ice Mango.
=) but i paid for it~
where's the appreciation dudes?
i din heard any ' thank you ' ????
haha.. jus
i ate most of it anyway..

the view.


Here comes J.I.M~

i din edit tht!! reali~

The guys kept ply wif luyi's camera while i was eating and they kept snap my pics..lol.. nt tht im complaining la i tried to avoid getting my pics taken but eventually...






I dun even knew who took these pics.
and i dun care.
as long as its me!

tis is why i dun like to show my teeth when im smiling.
so damn weird.
like a retard.

one of them took tis.

My fav one.
Of course i knew who took tis.
my personal photographer.
Mr Hor Aik Wei.
credits to ya.

And after tht we went to gurney drive hawker stall jus for some fried SOTONG.

and den...

we went to tht Jail style japanese restaurant for dinner.

and den we went back around 0000.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Mom! Im on the newspaper!! Kinda.....

Sorry for nt updating everyone.
Had to wait my frenz to send me the pics and all.

Okay. Thts a very stupid Title.
but for now i cant think of any other title tht is more appropriate.
So i'll jus stick wif tis one den.

Remember tht i went to send off some of my frenz tht went for NS which i had mentioned in one of my previous post?
yea well last week they came back for 3 days for 'Cheng Beng'.
And i had to said sorry to miss Sze Theng for i failed to capture pics of her cousin Mr.Han for she was thrilling for his shaved head pics.


The reason aint bcuz i forgot to take his pics or sumthing its cuz tht we din get to meet each other. I was bz wif my stuff and he was wif his and some other bla bla reasons la...

Well but i did get to meet up wif miss elaine and we had a lil gathering last friday wif our primary frenz. And guess wat i heard?
Miss Audrey said we were on the cover of Star Newspaper!!
Our pics were taken when we went to the pickup point to send off our frenz.
but only the back of my head was shown..haha.. its my back of the head of course i can recognize it!!

So here's a lil TASK for u guys. Can u spot me and my frenz out thru the pics below?

Too small? too blur? Nah ure jus too OLD!
alright ill make it more clearer.


wat abt..


what?? thts still aint obvious enuf?
alright alright ill jus zoom in the pics..

Yap yap!! Tht me!!! hehe..im 100% sure!
thts my
pretty head!
elaine is sum where in the 'primary frenz' area.
too short to be seen. hahahaha..

and thts mr y.yang , miss huey xing & mr bak bak ...
i got gud eye sight leh~ haha..
(actually i zoomed the pic and saw them...haha)

Oh well.. tis is jus some random crap la .
Juz posting it for fun.. haha..
stay tuned for my next post!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

U can choose Nt to believe wat u see.

Ever wonder where will those ppl tht love dancing or clubbing alot will go when they get old ? Well maybe the videos below will answer yr question.

We went to tis hawker stall style restaurant called Red Garden... and tis is wurt i saw.. and i chose nt to blif my eyes.. haha ..

Old ppl ballroom dancing~

Look at how tis uncle shake it!

will u do tht when ure at their age?
seem like those ppl were jus too old to care..haha

Oh ya and i watched L change the world ytd night wif mr tiong lie , wei peng & jong zhi. We thought it onli cost rm6 per ticket for it was movie day ..but den only we realized tht midnight movie cost rm8..

It was a reali reali nice movie!
Must watch everyone!!
I insisted!
If u thought it aint nice after u watched it..
den its jus cuz u dunno how to appreciate a good movie!
haha.. =)

Frenz tht went NS came back tis morning..time for reunion! so maybe i will be bz for the next few days~they jus came back for 3 days..
I wanna see their shaved head and laugh my ass off!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Trip To The Cemetery

Superstitious & Pantang tis N' tht ppl ALERT.

Tis is a post abt Cheng Beng.

so leave if u duwan to see the tombs and all..

i duwan ppl kept 'choi choi choi!' while reading tis post!!

tis is a post abt paying respect to yr ancestors~!

nothin to be 'CHOI' abt u morons ! =)

Alright..went to the cemetery to pay respect to my ancestors last Sunday.
Actually the cemetery shud be a good place right? For all i noe it nid to be a very very very very vVvery Good Feng Shui place if ure gonna buried yr ancestors there.

So 1st of all we went to my great grandma's tomb to do all the usual ..like puttin tis white and yellow paper all over the tomb.. i dunno wats the meaning of it but its a tradition i jus do wat i was told . Den pray wif the joss sticks and last wif the burning offerings thingy.

putting on the white and yellow paper thingy.
Its an ART!

It was 430pm. Neither hot nor cool.

Next we went to my grandparents' tomb. They were buried together even thought my grandfather passed away b4 i was born while my grandmother passed away while i was still a little brat.

i can even vain in the cemetery.
trust me.
lvl up liao! haha..

..The Filial pat.

To pat's ancestors .
I'll make u all proud.
~Rest In Peace~