Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Im in Luv! wif my new Skin.

New Skin!
New Skin!
i got myself a new skin!
and im Loving it!

New skin for my msn messenger lar~
nt for myself!
im nt a snake for TooT sake~

Got tis Ironman new skin !
now i got mini ironman replacing the orginal msn logo!
so damn cute? haha

click on it to enlarge.

the main skin.

conversation skin.

check out the mini ironman tht replaced the original msn logo on the right down side.

Ironman everywhere!


eg 2.

Hmmm.. wat?? u wanna get yrself a new skin too? wan me to teach u how?
i wont.

jus joking~

U can get all kind of skins nt jus ironman .. u can even create yr own!
No more boring same old msn style and u can have yr own unique skin!

Here's the LINK to the website.

To download the skins and all..
u must have msn plus!

and some of the skins may got their conditions tht u nid the latest version of msn messenger or msn plus! or it wont work.


pat the great.


saix_ysy said...

u're using the same front with me in msn! the new SKIN sounds cool yea but i'm not going to try it! muahaha

p a t r i c k said...

u used the same as me lar kay~ lol why duwan to try it out u dunno how to izzit ? haha

Name: Juanita said...

OMGGGGG... i like ur new skin!! =D its cool + cute + bla bla bla~~~
But, need to download smtg... =.=ll waste memory larr.... my notebook is out of memory d... aikz....

p a t r i c k said...

hehe thks alot i like it too..hmm u jus nid to dl the skin unless u din have msn plus which is a very handy stuff..