Friday, April 11, 2008

Mom! Im on the newspaper!! Kinda.....

Sorry for nt updating everyone.
Had to wait my frenz to send me the pics and all.

Okay. Thts a very stupid Title.
but for now i cant think of any other title tht is more appropriate.
So i'll jus stick wif tis one den.

Remember tht i went to send off some of my frenz tht went for NS which i had mentioned in one of my previous post?
yea well last week they came back for 3 days for 'Cheng Beng'.
And i had to said sorry to miss Sze Theng for i failed to capture pics of her cousin Mr.Han for she was thrilling for his shaved head pics.


The reason aint bcuz i forgot to take his pics or sumthing its cuz tht we din get to meet each other. I was bz wif my stuff and he was wif his and some other bla bla reasons la...

Well but i did get to meet up wif miss elaine and we had a lil gathering last friday wif our primary frenz. And guess wat i heard?
Miss Audrey said we were on the cover of Star Newspaper!!
Our pics were taken when we went to the pickup point to send off our frenz.
but only the back of my head was shown..haha.. its my back of the head of course i can recognize it!!

So here's a lil TASK for u guys. Can u spot me and my frenz out thru the pics below?

Too small? too blur? Nah ure jus too OLD!
alright ill make it more clearer.


wat abt..


what?? thts still aint obvious enuf?
alright alright ill jus zoom in the pics..

Yap yap!! Tht me!!! 100% sure!
thts my
pretty head!
elaine is sum where in the 'primary frenz' area.
too short to be seen. hahahaha..

and thts mr y.yang , miss huey xing & mr bak bak ...
i got gud eye sight leh~ haha..
(actually i zoomed the pic and saw them...haha)

Oh well.. tis is jus some random crap la .
Juz posting it for fun.. haha..
stay tuned for my next post!

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