Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Trip To The Cemetery

Superstitious & Pantang tis N' tht ppl ALERT.

Tis is a post abt Cheng Beng.

so leave if u duwan to see the tombs and all..

i duwan ppl kept 'choi choi choi!' while reading tis post!!

tis is a post abt paying respect to yr ancestors~!

nothin to be 'CHOI' abt u morons ! =)

Alright..went to the cemetery to pay respect to my ancestors last Sunday.
Actually the cemetery shud be a good place right? For all i noe it nid to be a very very very very vVvery Good Feng Shui place if ure gonna buried yr ancestors there.

So 1st of all we went to my great grandma's tomb to do all the usual puttin tis white and yellow paper all over the tomb.. i dunno wats the meaning of it but its a tradition i jus do wat i was told . Den pray wif the joss sticks and last wif the burning offerings thingy.

putting on the white and yellow paper thingy.
Its an ART!

It was 430pm. Neither hot nor cool.

Next we went to my grandparents' tomb. They were buried together even thought my grandfather passed away b4 i was born while my grandmother passed away while i was still a little brat.

i can even vain in the cemetery.
trust me.
lvl up liao! haha..

..The Filial pat.

To pat's ancestors .
I'll make u all proud.
~Rest In Peace~

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