Wednesday, July 30, 2008



I reali feel like doin tis to everyone.


Sometime only .

oh well..i aint a fridge .
I cant always play COOL~
all the time.
but most of the time i jus point my PWETTY fingers in my mind.

Lucky for u guys.
I got HIGH EQ~
so thts why u guys always see me wif tis face.
and NO we dun look alike!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bon Odori

Ok i noe Bon Odori was like last 2 weeks ago.
Its nt tht i duwan to update.
I was bz in the 1st week.
and when i wanna update the connection was like competing a race wif tortoises.

Some quick update abt the Bon Odori.
The crowd.

cute japanese baby girl.

Mom & daughter.


Father & son

Bj & pat

BBB & han

zhen & pat

(tis is wat i called a prom king finalist..haha)

The dudes.

And it ended wif fireworks.
Was the best fireworks they ever had.

~The End~

Monday, July 21, 2008

Outgoing ( II )

Outgoing HAN called me at the last minute.
asked me to proceed to E-gate.
tis was during last thursday.

Was the latest to arrive cuz its far from my house.

Attendees : Beh,Hang,YongJia,Casin,Jason,Zhen,Han,Pat

Long Time No See Frens.

Mr Casin


Mr Jason

Short Time Yes See Fren?

Mr Zhen.
Im his driver.

Beh & pat..

Went to 又一城 for supper.


Happy Crapping.

Jason & Pat

pat . jason . han

jason . beh . pat

Yea i noe Beh jus wont pose properly.

See more at HAN's Blog.
Click on his Pretty name.

And credits to Han for showing me AISHA's Blog.
U guys can go view it.
she even blogged abt her trip to penang.

rAnDoMs .rAnDoMs

Ice blended & cheese cake
i cant live without em.

Although there's no 4 seasons in msia.
but i still wanna wear clothes according to it.




Hmmm.. aiya BOTH den.


Friday, July 18, 2008


Outgoing Han called me early in the morning(1pm sumthing is still morning to me!) when i was still sleeping.
and i had to rush and prepare to go out .

Environment friendly US car pooled mr tiong lie's car.
He fetched us to new world park for some Yong Tauhu.
(He did dis almost every Sunday. he said must eat sumthin healthy every week for the sake of our health. LOL)

Yong Tauhu.

Tiong lie & han.
Aunty Lobak behind.

After tht we proceeded to Gp for mr tiong lie wanna get some text books.

In Mph.
mr tiong lie and books.

Sadly after wandering around Mph for an hour he still cant find the books he wanted so we left the book store.

And guess where we went after tht?

went to have our dinner.
haha.. yea we love to eat.

Some seafood restaurant.
Famous for its seafood.

baby shark.

Mrs Seafood did tis when she saw us kept takin photos.
p/s : look at her biceps! (gulp!)

Poor sharky .
cant even rest in peace.

mr tiong lie told me the name of the seafoods in hokkien.
but i totally "TIA BOH"(dunno wat he's saying).

Han said his back look muscular in tis pic.
dude seriously do u think ppl will notice tht ar?
they only will notice wats on yr head.
wats NOT on yr head!

After we've done wif our ordering we waited for the food to be served.

he's addicted to my hp games.

Happy han.
He's the only person tht noes wats goin on my mind.

Food was served after 15 mintues.

one of my fav.

Overall the foods were nice.
only cost each of us rm20.
so its only around rm80.

After tht we got no where to go and it was still early so we went to mcd to play some cards.

Tis is how u arrange yr cards~

Tis is wat happen when u had too much bottomless coke.

After wasting nearly 2 hours there mr han called mr beh and asked where is he.
he said he and the guys were heading to Jemputree to celebrate mr Hang's bday.
So OFF we went to Jemputree~
(in case u guys didnt noticed we went 4 places in a day.LOL)
Mr Hang.
The bday dude.
streetball & dancing.

mr Han & mr Hang.

Thts mr beh aka mr B.
We were taking each other pics.
A damn funny man.
and freaking skillfull in dancing & "singing".

Han & B.


Forced to take these aunties pics for them.

Note to miss wen qin : always remember to switch on yr car's Head lights!
N' always look at yr side mirror u nearly occurred in an accident!
Tis is a message from the minister of traffic, Dato Pat the great.

We went home around 11 sumthing.

Pic of the day.



Monday, July 14, 2008


Went to Red box wif them last friday.
Kinda flooded the place.
If nt cuz i got a cold.

ya but i had to admit sze yee u reali got a great voice.
dun worry dude u got my support no matter wat.
haha.. and Serene..
yr voice still sound like gina to me although u can reali sing well.

Nic showed me the "souvenir" i got for him ytd at the beach.

Yap i gave him tht bruise.
Told ya guys dun look down on my bamboo arm!
i din meant to do tht la .
seems like i dunno my own strength.
sorry dude.

After tht some of them had to leave.
Jovy,serene,viv& I went to the gurnery drive hawker stalls and we had some MUA CHI & AH PONGS~

When we were abt to depart to our next destination.
I first saw tis pretty gal and i cant stop looking till i felt she's kinda familiar.
Den jov & serene reminded me she's a celebrity den only we realize she's the taiwanese artist 爱莎(aisha) aka lead singer of the band 大嘴巴.
and den i only realize the other members of the band are juz beside her.
LOL.i only got my eyes on her~


I wanted to take pics wif her but den u see those body guards of hers.
They reali can break me into pieces and make me into ROJAK.
Although they're shorter den me.

aisha~They were here to do some road show or sumthing nt sure la.
The girls had to drag me away from there to our next destination.
She's reali prettier den when she's on TV!

We went to northan cafe to had dinner wif the rest of the ppl.
Planned to head to The Torch wif em but thks to my dad i had to fetch my lil sis back from tuition so i had to go home.

To miss Jov : It was alot of fun hanging out wif u although we onli knew each other for nt long. You reali are funny . Haha. Sorry tht i cant send u off cuz i got school.
All the best alright~ Lets hang out again during Dec!