Wednesday, June 29, 2011


U cant sleep and u're browsing thru the web randomly.
and when you try to find things from your bookmarked sites and suddenly,
u saw a site that you bookmarked years ago .

A map site that you bookmarked.
You deleted it since you find it useless to you anymore and when the moment u clicked

The memories flows in.

and came the feelings which were once long buried deep.

Before you let yourself take on the train down the memory lane.

You said:

"Hey, I'm having the time of my life now, I haven't feel more of myself than any of the other day."


And there's more to come in the mere future.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Natural Selection

Not that I'm lazy to update.

Like the natural selection.

Blog gets eliminated.

by twitter,
by facebook,
by instagram,
by blackberry,
by android,
by angry birds,
by iphone,

By the pace of technology.


I will still blog.
but not that often anymore I guess.

and I want to clarify something.
Many may be wondering,
and I guess I owe u guys an explanation.

but then,
after some thinking of the circumstances,
I decided not to post it out.

I promised that I will clarified it to you guys in person if you guys tend to ask.

Under the circumstances that you guys asked the CORRECT question.

used to care what people talk about me behind my back,
words goes around u know,
and it eventually will be known by the person ure talking about.
I heard about what u guys said about me today behind my back.
Surprisingly, I did not get all fed up or bother by it.
least not as much as it used to be.

I guess,maybe cause the feeling is mutual.
and I'm lazy to care too.
Enjoy your life Segians.