Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy CNY 09'


ironically.. i jus realized tis day had another meaning in my dictionary.

LOL. why does the memory tht u always wanted to forget falls on the day tht is always the easiest for u to remember?


A year.

A new start.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

super dupper belated


Few weeks of sleepless night.

the exam is over.

but it still has its effect on me.


i cant reali sleep like a baby.
i kept woke up worrying abt i haven study tis or tht although the exam is over.
sigh... stupid pressure.

oh well..

jus like i promise.
I'll jus briefly update abt wat happen on my bday.

I mean.. reali briefly.
im so not in the blogging mood.

So thks to mr han who dragged me to lil cottage for dinner.

some of the dishes they ordered.

After tht we went to churh street for some snow beer..
the snow beer

played some pool games.

part of the pub decorations.

and thts most of it.
i promise ill blog properly when im in the blog-o-sphere.
oh ya.
Happy Chinese new year everyone~


`pat the great^

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not for the weak hearted

Niama leh!
So the story goes like tis.
In nearly the middle of some stupid night.
Its not the first time tis had happened .
And now i finally got the answer why im always tis fucking pissed when someone or a particular somebody asked me tis question.

Okay it goes like tis :

A : ( mostly around midnight) "hey wanna go out tak? "
pat : " lol okay alright im hungry. =) {im always hungry}
A:"yea sure me too. go mana eat?"
pat:" cincai mana also can."

okay so normal conversation right?

but den..when everytime... i mean EVERYTIME they said something like tis.

A:"Us 2 nia ar? abo ask somebody else also."

U felt nothing's wrong wif tht conversation?
Oh okay maybe im abit sensitive sometimes i dunno.
At first me myself.
Dun even noe why i always pissed off when someone said so.
It happens lots of time b4 actually.
and i juz got the answer!!!

wan lai hor..
its because.

Wats wrong wif jus 2 ppl go out for supper?
Why must ask another person?
dun u felt its damn troublesome?
to recruit ppl at the middle of the nite?
now go out wif me nia very sia sui u izzit?
must ask another person izzit?
If i so sia sui u .
Dun ask me out for anything!
or izzit because im the driver?
drive yr own fucking car!

Its actually because i felt insulted.
mayb u think im way too sensitive?
Why must the fucking hell u asked me to ask someone else to go to?
at the middle of the night?
am i too humuliating to jus go out wif u?
wats wrong wif jus 2 frenz hang out for supper?
maybe u think its damn gay or watsoever but dun worry my intention is jus to EAT!!

and ure the one who ask to go out.
nt me.


no hard feelings alright?
haha.. thks to miss eunice who's willin to listen to my crapness!

and to mr luyi.
man ure the fuking best!
straight forward wif clean cut.
i better go get ready.

# ' Luyi The PAPARAZZI ' Not in stream ~ * | says:
i just bek frm my granny hse
# ' Luyi The PAPARAZZI ' Not in stream ~ * | says:
u abui eat hor ?
# ' Luyi The PAPARAZZI ' Not in stream ~ * | says:
wan eat supper hor ?
p a t says:
p a t says:
p a t says:
hungry hungry sia
# ' Luyi The PAPARAZZI ' Not in stream ~ * | says:
ok la
# ' Luyi The PAPARAZZI ' Not in stream ~ * | says:
i come find u supper la
p a t says:
p a t says:
from yr hse
p a t says:
till here?
p a t says:
p a t says:
im gonna cry
p a t says:
# ' Luyi The PAPARAZZI ' Not in stream ~ * | says:
yea la
# ' Luyi The PAPARAZZI ' Not in stream ~ * | says:
wait me la
p a t says:
p a t says:
ure the best!
p a t says:
# ' Luyi The PAPARAZZI ' Not in stream ~ * | says:
gay la u
# ' Luyi The PAPARAZZI ' Not in stream ~ * | says:
k la
# ' Luyi The PAPARAZZI ' Not in stream ~ * | says:
i depart now ~
# ' Luyi The PAPARAZZI ' Not in stream ~ * | says:
c ya ~
p a t says:
okie okie

SEE? so cincai so nice.
not to mention he lives like.
a mountain away from my hse!
and the best part is.
i dun nid to drive here and dere.
he jus said okay and on the way he come to fetch me.

nt like somebody.

next time.
wanna ask me for supper.
better ask others b4 u ask me.
or better.
dun ASK!

makan time
supper supper.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

eXam Disorder

Ya ya ya.

2nd Sem Final Exam is around the stupid corner.

Wont update until after the exam which will be the 25th of Jan.

See my frustrated face while doing calculus.

And thks to those who wished me on my bday.
u guys kept the messages and call and msn kept on coming till i got no time for my chee cheong fun! =p

and to those who didnt.
u noe who u are.
And also tq to those who gave me presents.

im still trying to figure out how to use the present mr Beh gave me.
wat sense of humour~
haha thks anyway!

p/s: i think i will update abt my bday after my exam.
stay tuned!

signing off~

Yr Sincerely,
pat the OLD and Great = WISE

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Juz like mr Ping predicted.

I finally changed my wallpaper to my 2nd sem exam timetable.
Final exam in less den 2 weeks time.

Im so fucking dead.
So i think i won't update tht often anymore.

So.. its 2009 already right?
I dun have any new year feel at all.
Maybe im bored wif it already?

Im still half way thru gettin clothes for CNY.
Like always have to get a RED top for CNY.
Ppl who know me shud had realized 90% of my clothes in my closet are BLACK.

What about my new year resolution?

Well everything is still abt MONEY.


MONEY is still everything especially tis year.
Economic crisis and all...

Juz hope i get more red packets tis year.

Yet another year,
Frenz going overseas to study.
Ish...farewell to mr
Joel *click* who's goin to UK.
Remember to get me the Playboy Mag u promised!

Getting a DSLR seems to become a trend?
I like to capture photos.
but i still prefer being capture.

What else?
oh ya.
tis will be the last year im having "1" as the first digit for my age.
lol..20 is like.. OLD?
I can already feel the heavy responsibility on my shoudler.
Ishh..sometimes i feel like being mature is reali a good thing.
but i never wanna loss the childlike of me.
I love the childlike me!
Makes me so special!

Sometimes i reali felt somthing's wrong wif M'sia politicians.
I mean.. when does dancing become a bad influent tht will lead to crimes?
Protesting over a dancing campaign?
Shud i say tht they are being way too conservative?
or izzit its jus a stepping stone for them to draw attention of the people?
No wonder our country is 50years behind.
Well some of my frenz are in the I-dance campaign.
I dun see any negative influence at all.
All i saw was a group of teenagers working their ass off just to impress the crowds.
And their smile on their face when performing.
Sweating and all without complaining.
How can such a healthy event be negative?
For those who are in the event.
All the best.
I-Dance Campaign

Im into The Killers right now.
Happy Bday to my calculus teacher.
Miss Lim Min Yik.
U told me not to be materialisic.
But at the same time ure using a Furla bag,Coach wallet,Ipod touch,LeSportsac make up bag and many many more.
So damn "convincing"!!

I think i will stop here.
Have to switch to study mode.

Happy Moo Year everyone.

`pat the great`

New Year Eve '08

how i spent my new year eve.

luyi & pat

han & pat

zhen & pat

yida & pat

Went E-gate wif Han,Yida,Luyi,Zhen and some other fren.

Im so lazy to blog.


Thursday, January 1, 2009