Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fantastic baby

Hi Hi!
It's been ... 3 weeks since my previous post.
Cant make out time to blog, the previous weeks was hectically scheduled with tests and the next with assignments and this week. FINALS.
yea crazy life, and 2 days of study break? wtf I called that a weekend.
 luckily there's enough gap in between each subjects for me to revise.

 Pimples popping due to the late night assignment /test rushing hours.

Went back to Penang for a short break after my mid term.

 Surprised them when I reached Penang at 2am when they were boozing at a local pub for the 2nd round.
crazy alcoholics/drug abusing friends. HAHA.

 First paper yesterday and I wore a red tee .
Superstitious behavior.
Apparently even I've read psychology defining my superstitious behavior I still do it.
Whats this act call? I think expressing the act in a disguised fashion or something.

oh well don't think I did well in both papers.
what done is done,
shall aza aza for the next.
cause I'm ...
Super Pat! haha

and also because I'm Fantastic Baby!!

Its  fawesome when they do it live.
Their charisma is way too incredible.

shall blog again once my finals end.
and I shall be enjoying the beach , the sun , the disco light!!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Never Let Me Go

you lose your soul once u were born in this world.
and piece by piece we gathered our shattered pieces and once its whole.
We are angels once again.

Florence + The Machine

Another English band that I like.
The lead singer has a voice that can penetrate yr soul.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Feel so close

Loving the beat of the songs that produces by Calvin Harris
Maybe its because he's a Scottish.
UK stuff and culture has a weird affection on me. 
Maybe I was one in my past life LOL

Feel So Close 


The weather has been abit coo coo lately.
Been falling sick over and over again.
And my plan to get home this week phailed =(

Not sure if I still have the chance to go home.
Makes me emo for 2 days.

Emo Elmo

and this semester sucks!