Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rocket!!! version 1.2


On the night i had posted my previous post( i posted tht post in the morning) . Around 7 pm...At the outdoor badminton court which is only 30 steps aways from my house ..i heard ppl was setting up P.A system and all .. i ignored it cuz i thought ... no actually im juz lazy to care abt wat was happening anyway.. haha...

And around 8pm.. Someone started talkin thru the mic and giving out speeches... I still din care anyway cuz i hardly can understand wat he was talking for he was talkin in Hokkien ( my Hokkien damn poor.. haha ) .

So until 9pm .. my sis came and told me tht did i know there were these Rocket Candidates giving out speeches & kinda bad talking BN??

YEA and guess wurt?! It was tht candidate tht i mentioned in my previous post! HAHA!! and nt jus tht he's a lawyer and his firm is just beside the badminton court!!

Tis is so Fuc*king OMG and WEIRD~ haha..

He giving out his 'Anti-BN Support Rocket' speech.

"Rocket rocket !! "

Look at the crowd!

Part of the speeches from the candidates.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Alright...This happened juz yesterday . It was a normal day.. Me lazy around the house doing nothing . Well till i fetched my lil sis to tuition.. actually it happened when i was fetching her back from her tuition.. my dad asked me to get the old newspapers.. tins and all to sell at tis shop nearby my house which buy all the stuffs tht can be recycle.

So there i went wif my lil sis.. after we handed over the recycle stuff to them.. get our money for the stuff..and on my way out of the shop... when we were in the car and i looked to my left .. there's like 3 or 4 ppl wearing the 'Rocket' logo t-shirts of em was the candidate of the election ..and and and .. THEY WERE WALKING TOWARDS US!!!

A voice in my head : Wat to do? WAT TO DO!!
Another voice in my head : Step on it !! GO GO GO DRIVE AWAY!!
Voice in head no 2 : They're coming!! they're coming!!
My lil sis : Bro.. they're looking at us thru the window...

And without thinkin i pressed the button and down roll the window (WHY!!)
One of them handed me a brochure and said somthing like support the Rocket. I was trying to tell him im only 18 i still cant vote ... BUT den the candidate looked at me and smile and shake hands wif me . I swallowed back wat i was gonna say and jus put up a very very awkward smile =) ... haha.. den i faster drove away and me and my lil sis were laughing all the way of wat jus happened ..

I checked out the brochure later on ..

The brochure

And i noticed... We went to the same high school! He went to the school way earlier den me .. i mean .. .. way WAY WAY EARLIER~ haha

AND AND THTS NT JUZ IT!! HE GOT A BLOG TOO!! Guess which blog he's using?
YAH he's using BLOGSPOT!!

Check out his blog by clicking HERE!

Unexpected things happened to us when u're least expected!
I'll VOTE for u if only im legally age for it !
Juz cuz u make my boring day a lil lot ENTERTAINING! haha ~

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Conquer the Hills!

22nd Feb 2008.


Around 1800.

Went Youth Park wif Aik Wei.

Up the hills again.. Luv the view.

Cuz im on TOP and the whole city was UNDER my FEET.


23rd Feb 2008



Aik Wei & Yyang came to my hse and fetched me to..... YES up the hill AGAIN. Tis time we went to BUKIT JAMBUL.


Yyang & Aik Wei.
On our way up.

We did nt used the main way where most ppl used to climb up to the hill... we used the other way which is more dangerous and FUN ( to me ) .. lol..

Part of the path.
It was way more DANGEROUS den it looked.but im a risk taker. ahaha =)

There were rubber trees all the way .

Tis was my 1st time seeing these trees.
The tree's liquid thingy tht make rubber i reckon.
Yyang warned us nt to touch it cuz its very very very SMELLY.

Some of the path u needed these ropes to support to get up the hill cuz the path was like 70 degree slant .

Salute to tis guy here! He went up the hill holding TWO bottles of 5litre water bottles!! Its kind of a charity work u can get the water bottles from the foot of the hill and bring it up to the top of the hill where there's a rest station . I guess there's no pipe water up there or sumthing.

We reached after around 30mins . There's alot of ppl up there already~ None of them were the same age as us.. haha ... mostly OLDER ..

There's a 'RUSTY' gym up there too~.. the equipments up there were pretty damn RUSTED! THE RUSTY GYM.

We rested awhile up there. Drinkin the free drinks . Enjoyed the nice view. And DOWN we go again~

On our way down .I vain my way down. LOL.

You're probably wondering why i posted tis pic of us walkin up the hill here?
Actually we were walkin down the hill backwards .WHY?? according to Professor Aik Wei of the Healthy Exercise Association aka H.E.A! we can prevent injuring our knees or legs by walkin backwards down tis kind of slant road. (OooOOo~APPLAUSE!!! =D )

Reached the foot of the hill when the sun was setting .
Beautiful Sunset .

Later tht night we went out for dinner followed by Miss C . We went to Northan Cafe for dinner . I ordered tis Mexican food for dinner .

Name : Mexican 'Sumthing' Platter.
forgot the name.haha . cost RM9.OO
Yummy and Nice.

There's a seafood stall there too and watch tis video of their Over Active Seafood .

The Dancing Seafood.

After we had our dinner we juz drove around and they decided to go to Kek Lok Si again! NT AGAIN ! haha ... Yyang wana go up there cuz he too din go for some time already ... but sadly tht night it was closed . So we sat at the badminton court jus nearby my house and chatted for awhile till Miss C's bro & daddy called and she had to go home. Aik Wei sent her home and i chatted wif Yyang for awhile till its time for him to go fetch his gf ( lucky gfs they had ) and he went and i went home.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Note : KLS = Kek Lok Si , Not Kimora Lee Simmons .

Where do u go when u're sicked of hanging around the same malls or clubs all the time?

The Beach? Been there. Done tht.


Support yr local tourist attraction ! haha

Yea i noe i went there like last sat and even blog abt it but Miss C wanna go cuz she too din went up there b4! LOL...must support yr local tourist attraction!!! =)

So Miss C , Aik Wei and I went up around 9pm.

Night view of kek lok si.

One question.
Why was it called the Kek Lok Si temple? As 'Si' meant temple in chinese right ? Shud jus called it the Kek Lok Temple or the Temple of Kek Lok! haha ...

Another Question.
Do i looked like a photographer to u? For ppl kept came up to me and said : ' Hi .. can u take a photo of me and my family /frenz ? ' zZzz ... im willing to help out if u can trust me for nt running away wif yr camera! haha ...

Pat , Aik Wei & Miss C.

We went to the souvenir/gift shop where they are selling all kinds of Buddha statues .. bracelet etc. where Miss C went crazy and kept playing wif all the stuffs there..zZzz..( i reckon she had mental issues..she shud go where miss britney had her brain checked. haha )

3rd Question.Why are these doing in a Kek Lok Si's souvenir/gift shop?I Luv Golf?
Shud custom made a ' I luv Kek Lok Si! '

U think thts weird enuf ? HA!

What About....

ODD enuf for u ?
Why are they selling these Egypt thingy in a temple here!
I had NO IDEA at all!! hmmm...

Oh well.. later on we went up to the place where the Kuan Yin statue was by the inclined cable car. Din took any pictures up there for the they are building something around the statue ...

4th Question!!

Wat can u do to draw the attention of the people around the temple??


No idea??


U can do tis... =)

We went up the tower ( mentioned in my previous post ) after tht ... love the view from up there and the cool breeze.. still hate the stupid stairs..

On the way up.


We hang around up there until the decorating lights were switched off but we still dunwan to leave. Until miss C shouted tht they were closing the door already and we ran all the way down the stairs!! haha .. lucky for us the staffs havent left yet and they open the door for us.. hehe... phew.. or we'll have to overnight in the temple wif the monks and nuns! haha ..

We left around 1130pm . Explored the neighbourhood . Chat at my house till nearly 1am and they went back .


Sunday, February 17, 2008



around 9.00pm

went up to kek lok si temple wif aik wei for he said he never came up here b4 .

Went to the top of tis tower .
Nice View. Cool Breeze. Fucking Hard to Climb Stairs.
Bright outside.Dark inside.

Taken from the tower.



Lil walk up the hill wif aik wei.

On the way down from the hill saw tis puppy Dalmation.

One of his eye was blue and the other was black.

Saturday, February 16, 2008



still falling.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Tell me how u felt after u watched tis clip. I had watched tis clip years ago and i still dunno shud i felt sad or happy for the kiwi...Confused as i am as i always are. Enjoy..

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Eve

Went out around 630pm to meet up wif the guys in Gurney plaza. Met up wif Aik Wei and Yyang . The rest of the guys were watchin CJ7...

Later on after they had finished their movie we proceeded to E-gate .

We went to BED for some drink. I dun get to drink alot cuz im the Driver... sobx...

I was gonna order some food for u cannot drink wif an empty stomach and im hungry but the waitress told us their kitchen was closed on Wednesday.

So we went to the restaurant beside to order food to send to BED ( of course we've asked permission to do so =P ) .

Ah Hui & Qin

Qin & Yyang


Me munching my fillet burger.

Group Pics.
(left 2 right : Qin ,Aik Wei, Jeff, Ah Hui, Yyang, Me)

After tht the guys went home and I fetched Aik Wei and we went to C 's house so they can spent their valentine eve together.. LOL.. i planned tht way but we 3 kept chat none stop together.. but i did left them alone when it was almost midnight.. haha ..

den we went home when it was nearly 1am.

Wish u all a HAPPY VALENTINE !

p/s: still missing u.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Quote Of The Day

Until you're sure u gonna lost something Forever ....By then u'll finally realize how much u needed it in yr life...

I'm still living in Denial ...For it makes me happier tis way ...



Childhood Tradition

When we were still a kid ... we were banned to ply wif the good stuff.. the cool exploding fireworks.. we were stuck wif the fire on a stick thingy... but still it was such a nice fire on a stick we went on plying for hours ...

We passed down tis tradition .. so tht there will be a sweet childhood memory for them as there were for us..