Saturday, February 9, 2008

Please Dun Stop The ANG PAU

Okay everyone! Happy Chinese New Year!! Sorry for nt been updating my blog for weeks been very damn bz...So im gonna jus sum everything up in a blog.

I had forgotten when i took tis pretty short video but im sure it was taken b4 CNY...I fall asleep in my room cuz was damn tired after helping out my dad. And i was awoken by the loud fireworks which been set off for more den 5 mins! I woke up and cursed the fukin son of @##$%$ ! its nt even cny who the hell so rich been setting off fireworks for 5 mins!

And i found out it was The Kek Lok Si Temple . (No wonder the fireworks so damn long.. blif me whoever run tht place is rich ) . And i ran to my new hse to video it.. god it was the nicest fireworks i ever seen! (must be quiet exp.) So I faster took out my hp to try to video it... well.. lucky me for gettin the last firework shot .. or izzit unlucky? haha . u can hear me cursing halfway! haha .Enjoy!!

First day of CNY! Guess wat time i woke up ? 4pm everyone! 4pm!! haha yea kill me who said u must wake up early on CNY huh.. its cuz i was gambling wif my cousins till morning and i came home and on9 till 7 in the morning! haha ... so good of them to let me slept till 4pm( i dun think they woke up early either) .. hehe.

Oh well.. so we all went to my aunt's hse ( my dad's side) for food! im so damn hungry.. so i ate and ate and i forgot abt takin the food pictures... haha.. oh well.. but after tht i remembered to vain! hey its chinese new year and im very satisfied wif how i looked tht day!! haha .. So.. here are the pics!!

Wore white polo t on the 1st day of cny.
typical aunt said i shud wore red
i aint wearin like a ang pau!

Okie..after getting all the ang pauS den we left! haha yah thts wat cny is all abt right? ANG PAU ANG PAU & even MORE ANG PAU!!! HAHA .. me and my sis decided to go gurney plaza to watch CJ7!! when we reached there it was fully booked till 1130pm .. Sad case.. most of the shops in gurney plaza were closed . So we went to find our mom for dinner~ when we reached my mom's shop Wei Peng called me said wanna go out .. i told him he shud called earlier cuz i nid to go had dinner wif my mom.. but he said he'll wait for me finished dinner wif my mom den come fetch me.. but i scared it will be too late so i asked him to join in wif me my sis and my mom and he said okay. Brilliant me huh... hehe.

I was gonna ask them to go to new world park for dinner but my mom recommended to go where her frenz were celebrating cny 1st and if we dun like it den only we go new world park. The place was located near my primary school and it was a malay restaurant i think.. but it was freakin damn nice!! their decoratings and the seats and all..i chose a place on top of the tree! its like a tree house onli its build closed to the tree! it was so so so so nice!
The 'nearly' tree house.
Mommy and my sis.

Wei Peng , Tiong Lie & Aik Wei came after awhile . Haven hang out wif them for some time for I was lazy to go out and all.. haha ... my mom hang around for awhile.. yea u heard it right... my mom hang out wif my frenz! she's a cool MOM!! all my frenz envy me for havin a cool mom! haha.. yah imagine when u saw my mom's frenz u definitely will shock cuz they dun act like aunties!! haha ..

My mom went to the table where her frenz were after she had her dinner wif us... she said my frenz will felt awkward wif her around ( aww.. how thoughtful of her) so down she went and we started our fav cny game ! GAMBLE!!!! hahaha..Jian Liang came around midnight btw ..haha ..

Professional players!

Look at our hunger for money face! haha

Come to me money!! come to daddy!!
I left around 130am for i start to fell sleepy. It was a fun day... hehe... stay tuned for my next post! will be up soon i think! hehe ...HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE AND WISH U ALL GET LOTS OF ANG PAUs!! Kong xi FART chai! haha

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