Monday, June 30, 2008

Pat the BABE

It is indeed TRUE tht i got nothin to blog abt.
My life is getting more & more DULL?
nothin exciting happened.

Jus Normal Boring old days~

So wat to blog abt?
So there i was thinking....
Since i cant blog anything abt the present.
I'll Blog abt my Past!

I'll show u guys some of my pics when i was jus a kid.

Tis is the sexy baby pat.
Nt sure how old was i when tis pic was taken.

Thts baby pat on the phone.
Wonder did i knew how to talk yet or nt.
(thts my dad's DAI KOR DAI)

Tht's Bday Boy Pat when he was FOUR years OLD~
how did i knew how old was i?
of course by the number of candles on the bday cake la~
see someone giving me ANGPAU! haha

Me and my sis.

Me and my bday gift.

Sis & I wif my Happy Smiling face.

Thts all for now.
will update more if i can.
oh ya.
Get well soon to miss huey xing & miss Eunice.
Both of them had apendix almost the same time.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Random Thingy

Busy+Lazy=No updates!


Some random thingy cuz of feeling guilty for nt updating for quiet some time.

Angelina Jolie aka my fantasy.
She WAS the face of Shiseido cosmetics .

Guess who replaced her as the New Face of Shiseido cosmetics?


Its none other den my New Fantasy.

World Top Model
Agyness Deyn aka Mrs Pat.

Aiks i reali got GREAT taste!

And now EVERYONE pls SALUTE tis Uncle.

For daring enuf to wear those!
are those boxers?
I felt so damn COLD.

When i saw him he reali did make me go

WAH Wah WAH WAH wah wah wah wah


~The End~

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Apa hal wif me????

Aiya ya ya ya ya ya~

I dunno wats wrong wif me.

Lol lol lol lol..

im acting different nowadays!

Sumthing wrong wif me!

i hope i got a brain tumor!


at least i got the Tumor to blame~


hmmm.. izzit cuz of the piles of mountain height homework?

or cuz i dun have enuf sleep?

or or or or...

maybe its the HORMONES?


Tak Tau leh


Lame lame lame.

Get well soon miss huey xing.

hope to see u in school soon.

and dun worry u noe im a guy wif my words .

u will get yr black forest cake no worries~

hmmm ..

wat else..

oh ya..

im acting so damn High everyday.

lol...i dunno why?

too much Nescafe?

i nid it to stay awake leh..

or izzit cuz of the Glucose?

Teh ice is my fav Kopitiam drink leh~


mayb i already knew the answer.

but i hope its nt cuz of tht

i duwan to repeat wat i did again & again .

Someone told me u will forget sumthing soon or later when ure bz wif sumthing else and all..

yea .

ure right.

half of it.

im bz bz bz ...

the memories getting more and more blur.

but the feeling still remain the same.

u also said tht when ure too bz to even remember.
the feeling fades away.

Well.i din force myself to.
bt no matter how bz i am .
yr face and name strike my brain.
from time to time.
cuz it juz nid a sec to remember everything abt it.
when i woke up in the morning.
when i went to bed.
when the class dismissed.
when i smile.
b4 i talk.
when i ...

so tell me.
when will it fades?

maybe i reali do have a tumor in my head.
im keeping tht tumor!


Monday, June 16, 2008

Pat and Pussy =D

Alright .. u guys jus admit it !
When u SAW the Title of tis post ..

I BOOM! ya'all din I?

Haiyo..why cant u guys juz be abit PURE N' NAIVE like Pat the great huh?

Tsk tsk tsk.. so disappointed in u guys~


Kay back to the main topic of tis post.

So the title is Pat N' Pussy.

yap yap..ytd night went out for supper wif Luyi ,Han & Tiong lie.
So we jus went to the fettes park western food for supper.
den went to gurney drive to watch those REMPITS do wat they do best.
( It was Tiong Lie's fav VIEW )

and around 3 am Tiong Lieh dropped me home. Cuz luyi carpooled Tiong Lie's car so he left his car at my hse. ( rm2.7 per liter of petrol)
u get 11.1111 litre of petrol wif rm 30 .

So after tiong lie dropped us both the 1st thing i did was .....

I rushed toward tis lil kitty.
kinda shocked luyi.
and wif his paparazzi instinct he quickly took out his camera and took photos of me and lil Meow.

Lil Meow woke up in blur condition.

He's nt afraid of pat.

I went into 7-11 and bought some fish flavored junks for it.

And i taught lil Meow how to stand on 2 legs.

He loves to ply wif pat the great.

Awwww... look at his BIG CUTE PUSSY EYES.and ignore my hairy legs.

He just cant resists pat the great.

We're in luv.

Breast feeding?

Luyi aint a big fan of cats.
He said they are EVIL wor~
See the way how he looked at the kitty ?

But at the end they found their bond.

Later tht i went back home and back the kitty to his sleeping place.
Bye bye kitty.

Luyi & Meow.

by pat the great.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Autocity Carshow

Last Sunday!!!


Went wif mr tiong lie & mr aik wei.


We reached there around 230pm

and the 1st thing we saw aint CARS.




washing the dirt bikes.
Man.they MUST reali love MUDS.

Competitors from MEN to CHILDREN.

and from White,Chinese,Malay etc.


according to mr tiong lie tis bike was modified from wave125.

Very very short video clips of the competition.


Be Patient everyone~

haha.. 1st lets see some EXTREME MOTORBIKES.


Me want one.

Mini Super bike.
it can fit on yr coffee table.



Lets see some..

Keat Keat eh..


I wan tis as my wedding car!

I actually saw tis today when i was driving!
Somewhere near Tanjun Bungah.
Drove by tht Grandpa!
On the Left corner eh GRANDPA!!!
He must had lots of partners when he was

And Now lets see some MINIs'
UK mini.
My fav country.

she's Hot.

Yellow Shining Mini
Super Engine.

Sporty Mini.
i like its color.

Another Sporty Mini.

Okay and now its time for

The Expensive




The New Beetle.
Personally i prefer the OLD beetle more.
Tis BEETLE is abit BIGTLE.

Tis Volkswagen hor.
its HeadLights ar..
Will turn the same way as yr sterring wheel.
I wan i wan i wan i wan i wan!
Cost around 250k if im nt mistaken.


Some Shining sports car.
Paiseh i forgot wat type of car is tis.

and i din took any Porsche car pics.

The company was bought by Msia.

and the Gen2 was their creation.


My personal FAV!

AuDi R8!!!!!

I wan i
wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan
i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Predator from the movie Predator .
Made by Car's spare parts i think.

And den tis.
Nissan GT i think.
nt sure.
=)And Her.
She's the GT Queen WOR~
No comment.
i din even noticed she was looking at me when i took tis pic.


We went home around 5 sumthing.

#Dun mind the bad quality pics.. it was BRIGHT & HOT LIKE HELL i cant even see my camera screen and those pic was taken wif my 2.0 mega pixel camera phone.