Saturday, June 21, 2008

Apa hal wif me????

Aiya ya ya ya ya ya~

I dunno wats wrong wif me.

Lol lol lol lol..

im acting different nowadays!

Sumthing wrong wif me!

i hope i got a brain tumor!


at least i got the Tumor to blame~


hmmm.. izzit cuz of the piles of mountain height homework?

or cuz i dun have enuf sleep?

or or or or...

maybe its the HORMONES?


Tak Tau leh


Lame lame lame.

Get well soon miss huey xing.

hope to see u in school soon.

and dun worry u noe im a guy wif my words .

u will get yr black forest cake no worries~

hmmm ..

wat else..

oh ya..

im acting so damn High everyday.

lol...i dunno why?

too much Nescafe?

i nid it to stay awake leh..

or izzit cuz of the Glucose?

Teh ice is my fav Kopitiam drink leh~


mayb i already knew the answer.

but i hope its nt cuz of tht

i duwan to repeat wat i did again & again .

Someone told me u will forget sumthing soon or later when ure bz wif sumthing else and all..

yea .

ure right.

half of it.

im bz bz bz ...

the memories getting more and more blur.

but the feeling still remain the same.

u also said tht when ure too bz to even remember.
the feeling fades away.

Well.i din force myself to.
bt no matter how bz i am .
yr face and name strike my brain.
from time to time.
cuz it juz nid a sec to remember everything abt it.
when i woke up in the morning.
when i went to bed.
when the class dismissed.
when i smile.
b4 i talk.
when i ...

so tell me.
when will it fades?

maybe i reali do have a tumor in my head.
im keeping tht tumor!


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