Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nineteen 27.07

The bond makes us closer.

yet more secrets were to reveal.

Can it make us appreciate more between us ?

or will it turn fugly and shattered into pieces?

how fragile will the bond be?

or was it just an unstable particle.

waiting to collide with any other particle and explode?

If we can just throw out the religion.the color.the sexuality.the despite.the prejudice.the pride.the war.the power.the material.the anger.the depress.

and beneath those all..

just beneath the bare skin.

we are just human.
Just plain old human.

I despise people who are racist.homophobe.misogyny & violence against animals.
but den what right is it for me to say people who are as above?
For being having hatred against them.
I'm no more different den any of them..

-pat the great-

Friday, July 24, 2009





More Than Classmates,
Better Than Friends,
A lot less Than Lovers.

Pat the great.
to have you bunch of bananas & papayas as friends.
No matter you're from somewhere I never been or heard of.

p/s: dun get too sentimental when u guys read tis.
I noe u love me.

pat's ray-ban
Ping took tis during lecture today using his N73.
One of the talented banana.

~pat the great~

Monday, July 20, 2009

one plus one

Celebrated my baby cousin's 2nd birthday.
Just a small celebration at my grandparents' house.

mr Jerry's Big Day.

His birthday cake.

pat,my other 2 cousins and jerry's parents.
He keep on holding to tht packet of Cheezels and wont look into the camera.

Took this photo by waving the cheezels behind the camera.

The typical birthday song singing session.

and the cake cutting process.

Took him to the playground nearby later tht afternoon.

Jerry & Yogie.

The laziest dog ever.
but i like it cuz it never bark.

Went home around 9pm to settle miss woo stupid assignment.
Thanks to Kit for the herbal tea.
and thanks to ping for "sharing" yr assignment
and yr wallpaper.

My desktop wallpaper.

9am class tmr and its 0222 now.
goin to sleep or else ull be seeing me walking like a dead person tmr.
nitez my loyal subjects.

~pat the great~

Saturday, July 18, 2009


U guys shud already bored of me whinning abt how much work I was busy with.
But it was never dull or boring at all..
thanks to these few guys in my class.
+ they do most of the work.

and especially tis fat guy.
mr nic ah su .
see he so guai doing our group assignment for us.

and also so damn guai lan that he use his body adv and did tis to us.


ping and my suffocating face.

im reali suffocating down there.
yet they still enjoy and pose none stop .

the sandwich theorem.

my 一相情愿 eh partner.
*shy shy*

Revenge of the Fallen Pat.

=_=" v

cant imagine if u guys aint my classmates wat will happen to my college life.
mwah mwah~

`pat the great`

#crap abt karma. its funny when someone keep cursing ppl abt others will get wat they deserve bla bla when lastly end up all the bad karma goes to tht person.
the god is fair to u .
so damn fair.
cuz He gave u nothing.
no looks.
no brain.
no body.
& most
yr signature
empty and lonely heart.
p/s: heard tht u want me to go meet u?
nah.i dun waste my time on immatures.
imagining how u gonna live the rest of yr life.
wif 9 cats and a rocking chair and a cozy blanket for yr legs i presume.
enjoy ya life ~
all the best.

from mr crap .

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Hope I blog this in time.
Maybe it will be on the news later.

Exclusive !!
Your fastest news here at Channel Pat the great.

Well I was having my lunch somewhere near my house .
Den I saw lots of ppl with Dslr or video cameras with them.

Ppl sini & sana.

At first I thought they were tourists..but soon later the cops arrived bla bla bla..
Den I thought oh izzit some murder/rape case happened here and those ppl are actually reporters!!

Keat keat eh equipments.

Den hor.. I saw a group of indians holding posters and banners came marching down ...I was like WOOHOO!!
They gonna Protest!!
Den for the sake of my blog(and my kaypo-ness)
I risked my precious life and went and capture some photos.

Im not reali sure what they're protesting about.
I think something abt lossing their home...

er for more detail info please locate yourself to yr nearest tv.

My car actually is in that crowd.
I wanna go home already but looking at the situation I chose to wait..
Hehe..*scare scare*

I thought its gonna be a violence protest and ppl fighting the cops.
too much tv I pressumed.
but its a very peaceful protest jus the nice ppl of penang expressing their thoughts to their government.

Guan Eng Save Our "Land".
Lol din even address him at all.

A short video of wat happened.

I quickly went home when the protest is coming to an end.

Currently learning how to take nice nice panorama photos.
Thanks to Ping I jus realized my outdated phone got panorama shooting mode.
Kit & Han

p/s: and congrats to mr Ping for finally gettin his prize, a 1k+ dslr wireless flash.
So gao nia u.
Click PING to view his blog.

Thts all for now.
~pat the great~

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It was after we had some revision on stupid calculus.
Kent & Js wanna go jogging.
So the gurls and dudes said wanna go walk walk at the playground.
So we went dere shake ass.
I luv spontanous plan.
p/s: yoke cheng rather stay home and sleep. *pig*

They wanted to play the see-saw.

Round 1
*ting ting!!*
nic the all time see-saw champ : "hehe.."
ying the loser : " tak boleh up down at all la!"

ying vs nic

Title of this photo:
Compare & Contra

Round 2
*ting ting ting!!!*
keat wei vs nic
tis is even worst den round 1.

Nic the see-saw champ: "Worship ME~"

Selepas itu,
They went and play the swing .

nic wif kent behind and miss ying.

Kent vs reelee.
guess who won?

While i was playing wif this.

pat the childlike creature.

Kent wanted to play the slide.

He was stucked!!
thanks to his BIG FAT/FART ASS.
kent:"c'mon move it move it!!"

The rest of the photos

It was fun.
With all the tests and assignments kept on pile up on all of us untill we barely can breath.
Some fresh air would be nice.

Alright time for me to go to bed had only 2 hours sleep ytd just to settle my CCNA test.

-pat the great-

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Life is just too boring sometime.
Penang is so damn small.
Someone intro some fun place in Penang for me.
Im bored wif the usual Penang lifestyle.
p/s:best if it involves food xD