Saturday, July 18, 2009


U guys shud already bored of me whinning abt how much work I was busy with.
But it was never dull or boring at all..
thanks to these few guys in my class.
+ they do most of the work.

and especially tis fat guy.
mr nic ah su .
see he so guai doing our group assignment for us.

and also so damn guai lan that he use his body adv and did tis to us.


ping and my suffocating face.

im reali suffocating down there.
yet they still enjoy and pose none stop .

the sandwich theorem.

my 一相情愿 eh partner.
*shy shy*

Revenge of the Fallen Pat.

=_=" v

cant imagine if u guys aint my classmates wat will happen to my college life.
mwah mwah~

`pat the great`

#crap abt karma. its funny when someone keep cursing ppl abt others will get wat they deserve bla bla when lastly end up all the bad karma goes to tht person.
the god is fair to u .
so damn fair.
cuz He gave u nothing.
no looks.
no brain.
no body.
& most
yr signature
empty and lonely heart.
p/s: heard tht u want me to go meet u?
nah.i dun waste my time on immatures.
imagining how u gonna live the rest of yr life.
wif 9 cats and a rocking chair and a cozy blanket for yr legs i presume.
enjoy ya life ~
all the best.

from mr crap .

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