Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shao Yao's Bday

Was invited to mr Shao Yao 19th bday party tht was held at his house.
Reached earlier den 2 particular person!

the early birds.

Mikael , Xiyen & next door neighbor.

the vain ass & mr ChengYih

KeeWah & Rachel

pat & next door neighbour

Ignore KeeWah & mr Beh.
This photo is the only one we got of miss Old Town.
the one wearing a blue top wif long hair behind them.

Mr Beh & WengKit

Vain Ass & mr Beh.

the 3 latecomers of the day.
yet im the earliest.


The whole night was about chicken wings,shrimps, and lots of lots of gossip.
Lol seriously.. guys gossip more den girls.
not me tiok si d.

the crowd.
busy gossiping.
im busy eating.

The 3 least gossip ppl around.
Cause we were too busy eating.

The chicken wings & our sexy legs

It was a really really gossip night lol.

Persuaded Beh to eat the shrimp without peeling its shell.
He likey.

and then its the singing bday song & cake cutting ceremony.

Luyi yr skills still havent rotten ko.

The homemade cake was reali nice.
Wif "putos"

Yao and his family.

We sambil makan sambil gossip till midnight.
and then ..
Obviously mr Yao did most of the clean up.
see we jus sit there and look and stare.

& I got mr WengKit as my assitant ko.

Went back around 3am.
Thanks for the party Yao its reali one hard to forget.
and Happy Birthday .
May all yr wish come true.

For the Twilight fans.
Which team are u supporting?
I go for Team Pat.

`pat the great`

Friday, November 27, 2009


Zomok leh?

I need something to update.

Apparently now I got nothing to.


Any ideas anyone?

Watched the Twilight Saga: New Moon.

=) okay nia lor...

I love the novels.. So i cant say anything about the movie.

Cuz must 爱屋及乌!


oh ya..

and thank you mr Han for bringing 6 of us to Heaven and back to Earth.


and Bali Hai eh seafood beh pai.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Always the Marathon Choice*update*

mr Ping wants me to upload this here.
Cause he said its nice.
Nice meh??
haha.. i dun like my eyes & nose.
Looks small & flat

Penang Bridge Marathon '09


Full marathon will start soon.
Hope it wont rain.
I...or some of us.
Paid the fees & decided not to go.
Instead we going for dim sum later.

have fun everyone.
Its gonna be a very busy day.


More at mr Ping's blog.
Linked his name just click on it


Saturday, November 14, 2009


So why do you care

In this sleepless night

that I am still awake

repeating the same old serenade

When it was you who make me this way

I decided to try for yr sake

and thou shall never remember

the every little details that I have made

I was never good enough in every way

when being with u was all I ever care



Thursday, November 12, 2009

Moving Rubber

Just a random update.

Everyone knows who is Takuya Kimura rite?
He's one of the member of SMAP.
and also the King of Japanese drama.
the killer of aunties.
My sis is one of his fans too.
so my sis = aunty.

I think most of u watched his Gatsby advertisement b4 rite?
This one
*point below*

but thts not the main point.
The main point is this one.

His face expression makes me LMAO whole day.

This is the latest advertisement by him.
Never knew he can dance this well.

Good Luck to all stpm-ers who are having their exam next week.
Will update more abt my life when im having one.
Now its jus college-home-sleep-eat-sleep.

pat the great

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween 09'

pat & Kkk

This is actually the first time I celebrated Halloween.
okay maybe it's jus an excuse to get some booze.

Din take alot of photos.
But met lots of friends there.
Its so freaking crowded everyone was walking like crabs.
*sideway sidway*

13 & pat

Kit & pat


The trying to act as mummy tissue guy .

Group photo

It was actually a fun nite despite the hotness and super crowded.
Too bad mr Beh missed it.

Happy belated halloween everyone.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


singing pat

Went redbox for no special reason.
Was hyper tht day.

must be singing some sad song.
I think is 太想爱你.


I think this is during the Poker Face part.
sadly their hi-fi speakers were worse den those speakers of mine at home.

Our version of Sorority Row.
Let just hope we wont kill each other.

More cute photos of me & my friends in my facebook.

I think I will concern more about my friends & family from now on.
May You be in a better place now.
Bye mr James

by pat the great

Monday, November 2, 2009

R.I.P James

We knew each other since primary school.
Older than me by a year.
tall,super tall,super active.
He use to bully me.
Of course in a joking way.

We were close den.
Until he graduated and went to high school.
And a year later I went to the same high school as him.

Yet we aint tht close anymore.
He was the school prefect.
and i was the rule breaker.
He helped me to get out of trouble lots of time.

Yea I know he aint tht lovable to everyone.
But at least he was good to me.

And I only met him few weeks ago at gurney plaza.
He shook my hand and said: "U getting more and more good looking."
and the usual me replied:" Yea I know all along eh wurt. =)"
and then he said:" Yea I told u since primary you gonna grow up to be a handsome guy."

We only met few weeks ago.
why? why it have to be so sudden.
the impact is not something i can handle.
I aint tht strong dude.

My deepest condolences to his friends & family.
appreciate ppl around you everyone.