Sunday, November 22, 2009

Always the Marathon Choice*update*

mr Ping wants me to upload this here.
Cause he said its nice.
Nice meh??
haha.. i dun like my eyes & nose.
Looks small & flat

Penang Bridge Marathon '09


Full marathon will start soon.
Hope it wont rain.
I...or some of us.
Paid the fees & decided not to go.
Instead we going for dim sum later.

have fun everyone.
Its gonna be a very busy day.


More at mr Ping's blog.
Linked his name just click on it



Hazie Hazelnut :D said...

hahahahhahaa..the 1st pic is nice la..u dun kc la..abo u wont put in msn

p a t r i c k said...

lol no photo to put d ma haha