Monday, September 27, 2010


I'm busy,

busy holding myself together

busy holding myself together with the tape and glue.

with the tape and glue



Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ping's 20th B'day

It was Ping's 20th bday on the 15th of September.
We used his birthday as an excuse for gathering.

Apartment stay.

Stuck in the room for an hour because of the rain.

Some of us went to Cold Storage to get some junk foods and after that we went back to prepare to go to....

where we celebrated Ping's bday dinner.

The Birthday boy.
mr Ping.

pat the great

Pat and his dinner + annoying reelee.

Took lots of photos.
So just let the photos do the talking.
more to lazy.

After dinner.
As Tgi's tradition.
Ping was asked to stand on the chair to sing a song.
Using the bottle of ketchup as mic.

Look at his shy shy face.

It was funny .
We recorded the whole session.
Go my fb find!

His cake from Tgi.

Forced him to pick out the candle using his mouth only.
Look at his beh syok face.

The manager of Tgi drew this for Ping.

He asked for Ping's fav cartoon character,
which is crayon shin chan.
We shud had asked for transformers.
see how he gonna draw it then.

Before we go,
as usual...

Group photo.

Went back to our apartment and continue with the celebration.
Celebrated Ping's bday a second time in the room.

Awww look at his happy face.

His bday cake from mr Jeff.

Another group photo.

everyone been forced by me to do the peace sign in every photo.

Love this photo of zhen.

Everyone gotten high and wild after awhile + alcohol.
and they all went crazy.
below are just some of the photos that is nt harmful to yr eyes.

Bibu & ying

pat & reelee
Yoke & ying

Used to be assignment group.

During game session.

We fooled around until 5 in the morning.
Until we got complained .
Yet we din really sleep.

The 2nd day.
Preparing to go home.
Bibu last check to see if he left anything behind.
and we sent the girls home and went for dim sum.
Most enjoyable day of tht week.

Happy belated birthday mr ping.
May all yr wish come true.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Noi x Timmy

Finally received the photos taken from noi's holga like..

See more at Noi's fb album.

Most of the photos below were taken during our gathering ..

pat & tzerhan

Chong Yee & Teddy

Yy & kit


noi & pat

this is my favorite

and i took this.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gummy Bears

Last night we gathered for one purpose.
To kill the boredom.

Went to James Foo's Western food for dinner.

Pat got snapped by reelee's flashy camera.

Victim no2 of reelee's flashy cam.

Eyes too small to be affected.
mr robin

Act cute zhen.

After dinner we went to gp.
No movies to watch.
So I suggested to have dessert at...
the newly opened Tutti Frutti located at Island Plaza.
The first and only one in Penang.

Frozen Yogurt is my new fav dessert .

My tutti frutti.
I added TF orginial and Chocolate frogurt, M&M,watermelon and
gummy bears!
yesh i got a weird taste buds.

Camwhoring without showing our face.





After that we wanted to go to the beach to see ppl playing with lanterns and all.
yet it started to rain,
thus my new nick name is the god of rain.

So we round island awhile while me driving robin's car and singing songs played on the radio.

Then we decided to have supper again.
lol the whole trip was abt eat and eat and eat.
Went to the hawker store located at sg. pinang.

Ikan bakar
chicken wings

Wanted to go e-gate to chill after that yet Starbucks had already close.
So after dropping them home thus back to my home.
end of ytd.

oh ya
Happy Mooncake Festival everyone,