Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Finally get to watch RepoMen.
It was supposed to show months ago but I don't know why the theaters decided to postpone it.

The concept of the movie itself was unique enough.
Actually it was based on a novel called Repossession Mambo.

In the near future,which is 2025, a corporation called The Union had perfected the creation of bio-mechanical organs.
People who failed to make payment after 3 months of delay,a "repo men" will be sent to reclaim the artificial organs.


Acted by Jude Law and Forest Whitaker.
I would watch any movie acted by Jude Law.
Love the way he act, or maybe cause he's British?
I got a thing for anything tht is made in England.

Overall its a nice movie just the ending was abit let down and unexpected.
But it still a great action thriller to me.

And also the songs they used in the movie are superb.
Match the scene of the movie.
Most of the songs' genre is jazz.

Watch it if u guys have a chance cause i think its gonna be taken down from the cinemas soon.


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