Thursday, September 9, 2010

Darker Than Black

Everyone have a comfort zone.
A place where they stay or hide just to get away from all the troublesome matters that bugs their whole life.
A place where you can be yourself and be free from all the problems.

It can be the beach.
It can be your room.
It can be at the peak of a mountain in the night where u can watch the stars and imagine the milky way.
It can also be a puff of cigarette that numb yr mind just for awhile.

To me,my comfort zone.
Is the pure darkness.
Usually people would feel more comfortable with lights on.
Where they can see everything in place.

Yet to me the pitch black darkness is my comfort zone.
Staying in my room at night without the lights on,
preventing me from seeing anything that can just remind me of all the things that I wish they still have the meaning tht they were given for.

The darkness calms me.
Or maybe its just a hypnotizing way to trick my nerve system.
And what will make me feel even more comfortable when im already in my comfort zone?
Making the darkness even darker than black.
By closing my eyes in the pitch black zone.
Why do i like the dark?
Maybe its because the dark thoughts and heart of mine.
that makes me feel comfortable when its dark on the outer too.
Make a whole of me.
Just maybe.


yet why do you appear as a glimpse of light in every of my darkest dream.
even if its just a faint dot of light,
its more than enough for me to ignore the darkness,
and make myself drawing against you.
Slowly and slowly
falling into the deepest pit of light.

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