Saturday, January 5, 2008


Tis is NOT a Joke!

Please DO NOT check out the video below if ure under 18!

Leave tis blog immediately!!

The owner of tis blog (me of course) was nt involved wif anything tht happened in the video below. He was jus recording tis video ( and laughing away) . He's INNOCENT!

On the past friday i went to my high school to get my graduate cert and ply bball wif some of my frenz ( din reali ply cuz was too sleepy and hardly can open my eyes) BUT.... Lst...which was the main character in the video below... was.. er.. violated? abused? haha.. He was jus paying the consequences of being a such a FUNNY JOKER when some of our frenz cant stand his stupid joke! haha...



NOTE : No animal or human were harmed/violated/abused when the video was bein made . =)

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