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Langkawi Trip Day One

Finally!! Knew u guys had been waiting for my post abt my Langkawi trip! I've just got all the photos from y.yang yesterday so now im gonna post abt it!

It was a 3 days 2 night trip . Going there wif Mr. Aik Wei , Ms Camilla , Mr. Y.yang & Ms Huey Xing. ( yea yea they are couples . YAH i noe im being a bright light bulb . DUN ASK! lalalala..thts why i brought mr patrick star along..zZzz )

The night b4 i was doin some last minute checking on my stuff .... and mr. Patrick Star said he wanna get a nice bath b4 he depart....


Note: No starfishes were harmed while tis video were being made. =)

The Next Morning
Freaking damn excited! I think i only slept for 3 hours.
Departed from my house around 0720.
The traffic was kinda jammed cuz it was a school day.... lucky me i reached there jus in time and the others reached almost the same time as me at the jetty.

And off we go! We went there by ferry..a speeding ferry.

Clean & happy Mr patrick .
The Light bulb. =)
The Couples.
Light bulb tryin to entertain himself. ..WHEE~......

The wind was damn strong for the ferry was speeding damn fast... skinny me nearly get blown away.. haha...

We went back to our seats and they went to sleep.. for it took 3 hours to reach Langkawi from Penang.

Aww how sweet they got each other.

while i got.....

mr. patrick star ..=)
vain pat himself!

Dun mind the blur photos it aint cuz of my shaky hands! Cuz we're on a ferry and its damn shaky ..lucky for us we onli felt abit dizzy and din had any seasickness . Dun worry anyway there's plastic bags for u to vomit in. haha..


3 hours later...

Around 1100 ...Welcome to Langkawi!

We rented a Nissan Sentra . Asked for direction to the famous Cenang beach. Kinda lost for a few times..the map we're using aint a road map.. jus a map tht randomly showed the road to the tourist attraction.

At last we gave up and asked the local ppl how to get to the Cenang beach.
juz keep driving...driving...

And we reached Cenang beach.. time to choose which motel to stay...

We wanna stay in tis one! nice right!! A tree house ! recommended by my mom.. but the price is too exp and its a 2 person per room.

At last we choose a room from AB motel (according to Mr Aik Wei AB meant Abu Bakar ) where the price was reasonable.. its more like a hut den a room .. more importantly its juz beside the beach! woohoo~

mr patrick star at our hut. Mr pat star is a vain ass. haha .
After we rented our hut we went out for lunch . Oh ya they kept nag me to eat faster...i noe im a slow eater .. haha . they nagged me like in every meal.. zZzzz..

Den Mr Aik Wei drove us to the Underwater World Langkawi. He freaking damn wanna go there although we heard tht the penguins there already dead..haha ..

Underwater World Langkawi.

Took lots of pictures there.. will jus show some of the pics taken there . Din bring Mr patrick star wif me cuz pets are not allowed . haha ..

pat and one of his fav animal. =)

Seal.The elegant seal.

And we found out there's alot of penguins! haha.. maybe they were some dead last time but now there's alot of them.. they are so damn CUTE!

PENGUINS! The Guru species penguin in the movie ' Happy Feet' . Hmmm.. i wonder if it can dance? LOL.. haha couple penguins...Sweet..





Pat the star's bro : " take gud care of ma bro."

Tis is his lazy dad.

His sexyyy sister. HOT~

His uncle and their house.

Mr. rainbow lobster. Their neighbour .er... miss horn fish.

Left and went to see the otter.
Sea turtle. Dude~
Mr. Leopard shark.

Jellyfish. i want one as pet!

My Fav of the Day.
The Legendary Leafly Seadragon.

Pretty huh.. =)

Later on when we had done wif the marine showcase we went back to the motel to prepare for?

BEACH OF COURSE!!! wats the point of coming to langkawi if ure nt goin to their beach??

Seriously their beach are much more cleaner and better den those in penang! their sandy beach is freaking damn ... SANDY! their sands are like smooth and cool..penang's sandy beach are like hard and dirty.. haha ..

And u can walk into the sea.. like literally walk ! its kinda shallow and cool and cleaner!

Oh ya! and tis time i brought mr. patrick star along wif me.. he love the beach cuz its similar to his hometown. =)

mr. patrick star relaxing by the beach.

mr. pat & mr patrick star.
Buddies For Life.

Yea i was wif mr pat star at the beach while the other 2 couples went for a romantic beach walking ..no i wasnt looking at the bikini gals jogging at the beach! haha ...

Well in awhile we were all hungry so we headed back and prepared to go out for dinner & later on to the Eagle Square.

vain after i had prepared.

We went to Kuah town for dinner ...had our dinner at tis cafe called SYOOK CAFE.

Thinking wat to order....


Our dinner.

After we had our dinner... we went to the famous Langkawi Eagle Square.

Front view.

Side view.

Butt view.

eagle & me view.

camilla , aik wei , pat & y.yang(behind)

Group Photos
The couples & the light bulb.They got one while i got both...shh...Light bulb in the middle.
Sweet couples at both sides.

We went back after spending abt an hour there. In the car we were fulled wif joy and laughter.. they were busy crapping and i was singing along wif the song playing in the cd player.

And!!! Here's the most exciting part of the day!!


I was so damn excited! u can call me insane but tis kind of risky stuff makes me get all excited! haha.. The policeman stopped our car.. asked for mr y.yang's license.. and...

He asked him to pull over and stop beside the road! WOOHOO!! He asked mr y.yang to get down from the car.. we waited in the car while mr policeman and mr y.yang figured out the problem.


Mr policeman asked us all to get down from the car..we turn offed the car engine. Walked towards them.. my heart was beating for excitement. I asked wats the problem? Mr policeman said our car din stick the " P " sticker. I told him i told the person where we rented the car tht we nid tht sticker.. but he said its okay.

Den mr policeman answer me : " Is he the one setting the laws? " DAMN! I noe tis was coming! I went speechless ~ woohoo... but at the same time im damn HIGH! haha..

They asked for our I.C ...and record down our name and all.. one of us asked why is tht for.. he said jus in case somethin happened to us they will noe.. LOL~

We actually had a nice conversation wif them.. we had a lil chat wif them and they were from penang too.. they said we shud be more careful for it was nearly the election and its dangerous..and so they were GOOD POLICEMAN! they din even fine mr y.yang or his license will be hold for 2 years and he nid to retest again!

So he let us go~ but b4 tht he asked where we're staying.. we said at cenang beach.. and he said wurt! den why were u guys goin tis way? Cenang beach is way back the other way!! seemed liked we went passed beach cenang and didnt noticed! So damn embarrassing ! if nt we wont even had gotten road block! haha..

We all laughed and said thank you to the policeman which was kinda laughing and faster get back in the car and went back the other way! We laughed our ass off while we were in the car! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

And finally we reached our motel and off they all went to sleep.. but i wasnt sleepy at all.. so down i went to the beach alone ... i love the peaceful feel at the beach with jus the sound of the waves hitting the shores.

I even met wif Mr Zhuang who lived jus opposite the hut we lived in. I chatted wif him and i drank some beers wif him. We chatted until 3 am when Mr Aik Wei came looking for me when he realized i wasnt back yet.. and we 3 chatted awhile and Mr Zhuang needed to go back to sleep for he was so drunk .

And i chatted wif Mr Aik Wei at the beach for awhile .. and we went back to bed and i slept like a dead fish. =)

Note : What Happened In Langkawi.. Stay in Langkawi. =)

thts all for my 1st day in Langkawi.. stay tuned for the rest! CHAOZ..

p/s: i used half a day to finish tis post.. and its 3 in the morning now! haha.. gud luck to me and those tht are goin to get their spm results!

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