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Langkawi Trip Day Two

Langkawi Trip Part Two.
Rocking the eagle in my hand!

Woken up by mr aik wei around 7am . He said tht my hp alarm woke him up ...but i din even heard it..i reali slept like a dead starfish. =)

Went to the beach followed by mr aik wei to get some morning beach air... the breeze was so cool~ saw families of malay picking oysters at the beach.

vain pat and vain ass star.

After awhile we went back and prepared ourselves for our journey. We had our breakfast at a cafe nearby.

my breakfast.
rm5 for 4 sausages. LoL.

One of the cafe's decoration.

er.. dun ask. i also dunno why i pose like tis.

After we had our breakfast we were on our way to the The Seven Wells waterfall. The waterfall is so named because its cascading water is broken by a series of seven natural pools. The lush green forest tht surrounds the waterfall adds a mystical touch to the natural splendor. Legend has it tht fairies used to come down to the waterfall to bathe and frolic.

Miss Camilla & mr. aik wei.

Miss Huey Xing & mr Y.yang.

Mr. pat

The 'entrance' to the waterfall.
Talllllll~ Trees.

Nearly there.

The Legendary Waterfall.
Sadly its dry season.
Nt much water'Fall' .

normal + normal.

gay + les
im luvin it . =)

Done wif the waterfall.. and to our next destination! Went to the Oriental Village for the Malaysia's highest cable car.Literally ran into the Village and shopped around when i saw a banner outside the village written ' D&G . CK . bla bla duty free shop ' . Sadly din get any cuz the clothes and all were like way old stuffs..haha..

Damn excited when we were goin to get our tickets for the cable car ride when the counter girl said the wind was kinda strong and we had to wait till its safe to take the ride . So we decide to go back later and off we went to our next destination.


Entrance fee : rm10 per person. Another extra rm1 if ure bringin camera . They gave each of us a croc shaped keychain too.

the keychain .

baby crocs .
Dun ask me why one of them without a tail.
Dun have a clue.

mr big bad croc.

mr big bad croc & miss huey xing.

The following video contained materials tht are 18sx .

Readers tht are below 18 pls do nt watch it. ( duh like u all will listen. )

I dunno shud i considered us lucky or nt by having the chance to witness crocs........ MATING. yup yup.. enjoy!!


After the crocs stopped mating.. they were kinda shy seriously! haha.... they stopped when they saw us kept videoing ... our fault~ sorry mr& mrs croc.. haha ...we went around and waited for the croc feeding time. and finally.. u can watch the feeding thru the video below.. i cant blif tht guy act walked in and fed those big fat crocs.

Lunch Time.

Check out tis poor croc! He was inborn physical disabilities . He had no teeth and cant eat on his own. They had to take real good care of him . SAYANG sayang~
pity him huh. =(

Took some pics there as commemoration.

Beca-croc wif miss huey xing & mr y.yang.

beca-croc wif mr aik wei & miss camilla.

mr. pat & miss camilla.

When we had finished wif the farm it was almost noon and we went back to the Oriental Village again for the cable car and tis time its okay to ride! Woohoo~

miss huey xing & mr y.yang at the Oriental Village.

We went to the washroom 1st b4 taking the ride . ( no we're not scare tht we'll scare till we pee. )

note : 30 cents per person.

And HELL look at their washroom! It shud be one of their tourist attraction too!

mr aik wei & mr pat.

mr pat & mr y.yang

And finally its time to take the ride! I was kinda excited at 1st for tis was my 1st time on a cable car ride .... and i admit tht i was kinda freak out when it started moving .. haha .. especially when the wind blew and the cable car kinda swing ..LOL i kept ask them nt to move! haha .. oh well but at the end i was okay wif it! haha.. it was fun.. cant blame me for freaking out guys the cable car was like only hooked on the string !

The Wheel of OUR Fortune.

group pic b4 taking off . (juz in case...)

Goin higher .

and higher.

and higher! (gulp..)

Fearless lover.

nt fearless and definitely nt Lover.

Reached the 1st station and the view ... WHOA~

The View.

Hmm.. u think tht's nt reali high?
well jus to remind u tht penang hill is onli 367 meter . =)


We continued to get to the next station which is higher den the 1st one .

The 2nd station.

The View.

High enuf for u guys yet? =)

After taking some photos we went to the suspended bridge where u can walk there from the 2nd station . yes guys the SUSPENDED BRIDGE.


on our way to the bridge.


From the bridge down to earth.

And its time for narcissism ppl !

miss camilla & mr aik wei.

miss huey xing & mr y.yang

photographed by mr. Khaw Yung Yang.

mr. pat

personal favourite.
photographed by mr. Hor Aik Wei.

Headed back down and wondered around their gift shops b4 we departed to our next destination.

Next Destination.


Never seen a beach wif black sands b4 ..wasnt so sure abt it and hard for me to imagine a black sand beach.

When i first lay my eyes on the beach i was in luv wif it! Its BEAUTIFUL~

The One and Only.
Black Sand Beach.
photographed by mr. pat

Examining the black sands.

Both of em went for a romantic beach walk again.

nice view rite?

I walked the beach alone .
For i forgot to bring
mr patrick star. =(

We decided to take some 'souvenirs' back from the black sand beach. =)

Whats better as souvenirs from the black sand beach other den the black sand itself huh ? =) YES we took some of the black sand back! hehe...

My bottle of black sand.
Pat's Guide note while ure goin to black sand beach :
remember to put on some sun block b4 goin there for we were sun burned after tht arms were red like cooked shrimps!

We continued our journey to (yah we continued as we are energizer bunnies!) the Wildlife Park aka The Bird Paradise.

they are god damn noisy.


2003 world largest crystal.
........ignore my post.....

Tokay Gecko .
So damn CUTE! i want one!!!


...nice hair birdie...

hornbird .

The Beast.Camilla & the beast.

Monkey wif a very very loooong tail.

Cute Big Innocent kangaroo??

mr monkey & mr pat.

Later on we walked into a huge huge cage wif hundreds of different kind of birds flying freely on top of us. Miss Camilla recommended to take some of their foods and put it on yr hands and wait for them to fly down for it. I quickly tried without hesitation. And the birds reali flew down and pecked on my hands! it was a very incredible experience! sadly they flew away b4 my frenz could captured it! but later on they all tried to attract the birds down too and they all stood like statues waiting for the birds..but none of the birds flew down anymore.. Sad si them.. haha.. oh well .. Lucky me =)

Later on we went to the peacocks section. They played some kind of songs tht made the peacocks open up their beautiful feathers . Miss camilla and mr aik wei kept on taking pics outside the cage when i found out there's a door and a sign on it... i walked towards the door and read the sign sayin : " please close the door after u enter. " i was so excited and quickly went in .. and chased after the peacocks! miss camilla and mr aik wei were shocked when they saw me inside and they faster came in too.

miss huey xing & mr y.yang

Mr pat & peacock.
tis is the best pic i can get for they kept on running away when i get near them.

And i guess u guys never seen a White Peacock b4?

Wat abt a white peacock tht open up its beautiful white feathers?





beautiful to the max~!

Later on we went for the ostriches.

Big Fat Ostrich.

We stole some of the rabbits' food to feed it to the ostriches . =)

thanks rabbits.

miss huey xing & ostrich

ostrich & mr y.yang

ostrich & mr pat.
'dun bite me'.

Hoho!! and i met up wif one of my fav animals!!

Mr. python!

Wat do u do if u met up wif yr fav snake?? =)

Put it around yr Neck and hug it tightly of course!!!

and it seemed like im nt the only who is a snake lover. =)

miss camilla & mr python.

Mr y.yang & mr python.

mr pat & mr python.

mr pat & mr aik wei wif mr python.

" We Love Mr.python."

And finally we had finished visiting the Wildlife Park and we headed to the Kuah town for dinner.

We went to Delifrance for dinner.

hungry hungry hungry.

yummy yummy!!

candle light dinner.

the light bulb's dinner. hehe

And after the dinner we went to the mall and did our shopping on the main reason we came Langkawi.


We shopped for nearly 2 hours and i spent around rm160 ++ juz on chocolates!!

mr. pat star smiling happily.

We went back after tht and started packing our bags for tml will be our last day in Langkawi. We fall asleep real soon for we were all damn tired. =)

mr pat star back in the bag.

Stay tune for my last post abt my trip in Langkawi.

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