Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pet/Pat Lover


No im nt goin crazy dun ask me why i uploaded a pic of me looked like THT!
I looked like a MANIAC!
My sis asked me to stop takin pretty pics of myself and take some tht are funny or sumthing. and tis is the best i can get. hehe..

Okay..back to the main topic of tis post. Most ppl knew iLove♥ animals~ and i hate those who love to abuse animals jus for fun. for example 'some ppl' jus love to kill the poor cute jelly fish ! (no im nt talkin abt u bro =p )

So i went to tis big big pet shop wif Aik Wei called 周天央...and i only took some videos cause there's a big sign saying ' Photo taking not allowed ' and i din realized there's a sign till the shop promoter stopped me. haha ..

The Fighting Puppies.

Credits : The annoying 'AYA' sound : Mr. pat

The Big 'I mean BIG' Fish.

Credits : The Beautiful Hand : Mr. pat

The 128 years old Tortoise.

Credits: The Beautiful hand (again) & the scream : Mr. pat


Anonymous said...

(sis)I din say pretty pics..I said BORING!! Pics...

p a t r i c k said...

diam diam~ NEH NEH hahaha