Monday, May 25, 2009


In approximately 3 hours will be the first class after my semester break.
Sad case.
And as you can see from my previous post,
this sem's timetable sucks to the max.
oh well..
hope I wont be tht busy,
well to my loyal fans out there,
I will update my blog as frequent as possible,
so dun worry too much.

Met Mr Marcus the other day when i went to Redbox.
and look at the SIZE of his Bag.

Cost him rm30.
and easy to use.
according to him.
its good enuf for him to hide 2 men in it.
So be careful guys who self proclaimed tht ure Hot.
cuz u wont noe when he will grab u and throw u into tht bag of his.

Pat & dan.

No more late night movie.
No more partying till the next morning.


=by pat the great=

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