Saturday, May 30, 2009

Perasan me

We stopped in front of the red traffic light.
I was in the front passenger seat.
Kit was the driver, Shao yao behind.
The car beside me was drove by a middle age lady.
She kept looking at me.
At tht time.
I thought she was charmed by my looks.
*perasan perasan*
I stayed still.
Tried to be as still as possible.
Letting her enjoy the good lookiness of me.
*perasan perasan*
She seemed to enjoyed the moment.
She started to wave at me.
I thought she was trying to get my attention.
*perasan perasan*
So I turned and faced her.
So she could see me.
*LOL & perasan perasan*
There she was.
In her late thirties.
Looking at me.
But wait...???
she's still waving..
eh not..
she's actually pointing~
she's pointing towards the front part of kit's car.
So I got down of the car and went and had a look.

This was his Wira.
Before I saw wat I saw when I got down.

This is what I saw wheni got down.
Spot the differences?

That thingy *point point* fall off when Kit stopped for the red light.
and tht lady was trying to inform us abt it.
and i thought.....
*sia sui sia sui*

kit:" oh no~ my sis is so gonna kill me"

mr kit.
Tis will be his photo infront of his coffin if his sis killed him.

oh well..
Yesterday I had 1 bak zhang + oat drink wif raisins + teh ais + roti jon + teh ais + poh pia + sotong + air tebu + teh ais + roti bom cheese.

I think i nid to check my stomach for worms.
oh and I finally went ABU and tried out their roti bom.
It was the best one i ever had.

~the end~
pat the great

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