Saturday, May 1, 2010


Mr Han came back for a week due to sem break.
Hang out with him at the Qb mall.
Wanted to watch one of these movies.

The sequel of

Ip Man



But due to the high demand of the movie the tickets sold out already.
So we did some shopping and hang out until 12am.

After that Han asked me and Wengkit to his house.
To enjoy THIS~!!

Mouth watering SASHIMI!!!
It was given to him by his uncle from New Zealand.
Yesh yesh the Sashimi were imported from there!

Mr Han

Mr WengKit


Yum yum.
The flesh is sooo smooth and soft.
Seriously the best I ever had.
thanks alot Han.

We crapped and watched Sat in the City via Youtube.
Its so damn hilarious u guys should watch it.
(if u understand cantonese)
I'll post one of the series here.

王祖蓝 is one of the talented comedian from HK that had recently become so "HOT"
haha. enjoy~
*Ngor Jip Shao Mng Dou lor*.

by pat the great

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