Monday, April 9, 2012


Did my last paper on the 7th for this semester.
Was very anticipating to go shopping after that but....
before I had my paper I accidentally sprained my ankle.
Due to the awesomeness of the paper I pull an all nighter and I guessed that makes me so blur that I missed my step at the stairs and sprained my ankle

 My sprained ankle.
Stop drooling over my sexy hair legs haha.

but that din stopped me to shop the next day lol.
although it doesn't hurt that much anymore but it had swollen and bruised.
Will consult the doctor once Im back.

Oh yea! Im going home tomorrow!
Just done packing my luggage.
3 weeks of semester break! 

Rilakkuma be@rbrick 

Fun by We Are Young feat. Janelle Monae
This song suits my mood now.

U can dl it HERE.

till then.
see u in Penang!
if I can jump around with my sprained ankle that is.


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