Thursday, October 16, 2008

Eighteen 101.2

Did u guys ever wonder.
How will u guys turn to be when u grow up?

Its like..
Imagine a friend of yrs.
Love dancing.
Mostly seeing him in casual wear.
Dancing around on stage.
Performing and all.
Doing what he loves best.
And after 2 years time or so.
U see him.
In a fully formal wear.
wearing specs.
took off all those piercing he have.
Hide his tattoos with those fitting Armani suit.
Sitting in front of a desk.
Goes to work everyday from 9 to 5.
Doing accounting stuff.

What about another friend of yrs.
Who's lovable by everyone.
Being rather soft den anyone else.
Love fashion.
Being in trend is everything to him.
But yet.
He never tell anyone about his dream.
Or what he wants to be when he grow up.
Cause he knew it that there's no point of having a dream,
for after he graduated from high school,
he will be send by his parents,
to some mechanical institute,
to study what he parents want him to do,
to continue what his father had already planned for him.
A rather soft guy.
Fingers full of oil stains.
working as a mechanic.

And then u think.
What about yourself?
What are u doing now?
Why are u still here?
Whats your purpose?
Who are u gonna be in the future?

If growing up means facing the reality.
Can we still do the stuff we love?
Or we have to wait till we retire?
50 years later,
and start playing the piano that we wanted to learn.
when 50 years ago,we were forced to hold on it for u cant afford luxury?
Or back with yr casual wear and piercing,
at the late night street,
being who u wanna be?
dancing through yr dreams in the misty road?

I still cant make up any conclusion on everything.
but yet it still comes down to one agreement.

Money is still everything.


everything is still about money.

by pat the great.

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