Thursday, December 11, 2008

To Mom

How've u been?
Its been 2 weeks plus since u went to Singapore.
Can cope wif the new environment?
Im not sure if u get any access of internet over there.
Yet im nt sure if u still remember my blog's address.
U asked for it for more den i can remember everytime when u accidentally deleted it after i bookmarked it for u.
I cant call you cause im not sure about how they charge the roaming cost.
And i cant use the house phone since u duwan dad to know u went there to work.
Hope u call me if u see tis.
Please take yr meals everyday at least 2 times ?
I noe u wanna be cost cautious for the living expenses are high over there but yet u must stay healthy for us alright?
Remember no more midnight supper or high calories food.
The last time we went for the medical check up the doctor did ask u to cut down on high calories food.

Everything is still the same here.
Fern is enjoying her holiday.
Im doin the same thing everyday over and over again.
Go to school hang out came home eat sleep.
And also always short of cash. $_$
Sis is still in kl..
but i heard she's coming back next week i think.
I will go and visit Jerry and aunt as much as i can.
Although im not sure if she can cook as well as you.
We'll just order pizza den.

Please stay healthy and dun do stupid stuff.
if can get me souvenirs~
A month time is not long but yet it aint short too.
Cant wait for u to come back..
I miss yr cooking

from yr beloved son.

p/s: im eating my dinner now and dad is sucks! at cooking. =(

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