Monday, April 20, 2009


Went to a Swiss Restaurant located somewhere near the Kuan Yin temple.

Its Han's once a week food hunting routine.

Han's food hunting prize.
A mouth full of German Sausage.

After that we went and chilled at Coffee Island which was very crowded.
Did not take any photos there.

Den I was hungry again so we went Northan beach cafe for supper.

My supper.
Mua Chi~

yy & pat

Our version of.
Gem of Life"

Currently having my Sem3 final exam.
Should had done with my exam already but I had to resit 3 more papers that I flunked during my first 2 sem.

"Good Luck Mr Pat."

Since my previous scandalous review was so inviting.
I decided to post another one.
Maybe I'll update at least one attentive photos on every upcoming post.
*devilish me*

Xiyen & PatHappy Birthday Miss Xiyen~
pat: " mwah~"
xiyen: " *blush blush*fainted*"

#Friends come And go, I still remain at where i will be.
Farewell my dear friend.
We'll meet again very soon.#


-kEatwEi- said...

good luck and all the best =)

p a t r i c k said...

same to u bro