Sunday, January 17, 2010

2 is better than 1?

This post got nothing related to the title.
LOL.. or maybe jus abit la haha.
it was...

2 days after my 20th bday.
Celebrated my bday again with my primary friends.
Because one of my primary close friend.
Miss Tong Min.
Was born on the same day as me.

We went to lil cottage to celebrate.

The attendance.
yiwen, hanyi & audrey

Tong Min & Elaine the planner.

the bday duo.

Cameraman : mr Weng Kit

Jus a simple lunch.
But the "bday cake" really surprised me.
Only Elaine can think of sumthing like tis.
her logic thinking tak sama eh.

Big Apple Donuts as Bday cake.
tengok her laughing her ass off at our shocking face.

She is Soooo happy abt her "brilliant" idea.

trying nt to laugh at her stupid idea.

Group Photo~

Donut cutting ceremony

Weng Kit & pat

Later on we went OldTown to chill and chit chat.
Weng Kit left because he needed to study for his exam tmr.

Crap until around 5pm when Elaine need to go for work.
Photos wif everyone one of them

Audrey & Pat

Han Yi & pat

Yi Wen & pat

The Dynamic B'day Duo
Tong Min & Pat
Happy Birthday Girl~!

And miss Elaine.
Thks alot for everything la.

p/s:the above photos is available for grabbing.