Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Went to fetch my sis.
She went to KL for 2 days.
Juz to meet up wif her frens.

And i knew she sure go shopping~
i dun get to go cuz i got class~!!
wait for me!

yea and i thought she'll at least get me something.
I did told her to get me a beanie.
But she didnt! argh~
Instead she got me these~ donuts.

I thought tht yellow thingy was cheese.
but actually it's BANANA CREAM.


And this was wat she got for herself!

Oh well...the donuts were okay.
Not bad actually.
Not too sweet not too sticky.
jus the way i like it.

Oreo flavored donuts.
~The End~
p/s: wait for me mega sales. Dun go ~


Jesslyn Khor said...

i didn't know you want a beanie. saw one in A|X last week when i went out with En and Jimmy. and it's reversible! haha. wanted to buy for you-know-who. but after much thoughts, i put it back. ;]

p a t r i c k said...

lol... its alright. u can get it for me wurt! haha im okay wif anything as long as its gifts! haah nonit to give much thought abt it at all! haha