Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Act Gao Gao

Im blogging while i shud be having my calculus lesson now.
The lecturer totally ignoring what im doing.
Teong Hun is singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow in another corner.
Js was the only one listening to his class.
the grey t shirt guy is Js.

Ping is frustrated cause the lecturer wrote "disappear" in his attendance list.
ping kesi doing tutorial.

Tjing is facebooking jus behind me using his own laptop.
He's addicted to Restaurant City.
mr tjing

I think I will be blogging for 2 hours until the class ends.
kent & nic crapping.

神雕侠侣 is still flirting with each other since the first day of college.

神雕侠侣 ~

Jeff disappear to no where . Skipping class again.
Must be busy wif his so called kilang business.
Xiang jus came to class,he was 20 mins later already.
Im goin to wach Drag Me to Hell later after class.
Finally, but Kim Sheng said its a comedy movie.
He jus rephrased.
said its a disgusting comedy movie.
tis is so lame...
blogging using keat wei's macbook.

i dunno why am i blogging tis..
HOR u see!! the lecturer himself also crapping on the phone!!

having a slightly headache now.
Was doing my assignment till 2 in the morning.
pat & kim sheng.

will sign out now.
time to crap
~pat the great~

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