Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Eye bags jus wont leave me alone. x)

no matter wat camera im using i jus nid to take pics of myself.

Went out the lame way like i always did.
First call from mr tiong lie while i was still sleepin in the afternoon.
said he wanna fetch me out and will inform me later.
I answer in my sleepy voice which ...ahem..according to him tht can seduce his soul away.. =P
Second call was around 11pm which..of course..i was stil sleeping...
(call me sleeping beauty but i dun nid a princess to wake me up..hehe)

I said alright where u wanna go and who are we goin wif.
he said jus the 2 of us and i dunno where to go yet.
den i was like...errrr...
den he said LOL alright nvm lar u go back to sleep.
den i was like OKAY. =)

but den ...i cant fall back to sleep anymore. =(
oh well.. so i went for TV!
10 minutes later.
Mr luyi called..
and he said lets go out im done wif OTAKU LIFE!
(he onli live the OTAKU life for like 2 days)
(translation: Otaku(japanese). ppl tht often stayed indoor and do nt like outings/ 宅男)

den i said aiya! called mr tiong lie!
and lets all go out!
(and remember to fetch me plssss..hehe)

(20minutes later)

We met up at New World Park.
(tiong lie + jong zhi + luyi + me )
Went to OLD TOWN for supper...but its my lunch+dinner for me.
i seldom do breakfast.
And coincidently we met up wif Dan & Flo.
they jus came back from the World Music Festival.
(fuck it i wanna go!!)

dan & pat

And after awhile Old Town seemed too OLD to continue running so we shifted to our next destination.

Greenlane MCD

We played our fav poker card games.
yawning pat + mr tiong lie

Oh yah... mr tiong lie had been nagging on abt trying on the latest burger.

Moral of tis story.
Never EVER trust the ADS!
He regretted after he ordered a set of tht.
Mega Mac?
more like MINI mac.

mr wei peng joined in after awhile.
mr peng



Proof why i won 7 times straight tht night.

And while around 4am the guys decided to go jetty i dunno why..but jus before the guys went on to their cars mr wei peng suddenly said tht he's sleepy and he wanna go home. So all of us were like Okay and everyone headed home.
(yah we were damn FLEXIBLE)

But when i got on luyi's car my rebellion genes kicks in and i said to luyi : " i dun wanna go home tonight. "
and he said : okay no problem!
(yea i noe we're damn damn FLEXIBLE)

So he took me to Bukit Gambir i think..we wanna take the sunrise pic.
While we waited for the lazy ass Sun to wake up.
A lil incident happened.
Some stray dog had some fun .
It took my slipper!

So by using the lil light on my hp
Luyi and I started a lil treasure hunt.
And Luyi found my slipper covered in dog's saliva.
Wat to do ?
wash it and wear it!

Oh well..and while it was almost sunrise.
The sun was nowhere to be found!
it was blocked by thick thick clouds!
Wasted my nap time for these!

Disappointed pat. =(
i noe my dark circles are way too DARK!

So i took pics of these instead.茅草

And i started to do wat i do best.







So we went for breakfast after tht.
Had breakfast somewhere near the Gembira Mall tht still hanging STRONG.
Had the best Chee Cheong Fun i had!
Den went back to luyi's house to had a quick nap.

Woke up around 2pm.
Rushed to coffee bean to get caramel ice blended.
We were goin to 檀香寺!
The temple tht the NS-ers always go every Sunday.

Miss Eunice!

I give u!
Wat u had been waiting for!
Yr cousie Han SHAVED HEAD!

Han , pat , zhen
nam weng.

Serious face.

Happy face.

Seriously. Mr han.
U looked man wif shaved head .

After tht we went Qb for some quick shopping but failed to get anything.
But i saw tis!

Gisele Bündchen!!!
World Highest Paid Top Model!
Obviously the best!
Thts her own flip flops line.
Its cheap u noe.
and made in brazil!
she's a brazilian!!
maybe it had been there for some time but i havent been to QB for more den 2 months.

She actually remind me of Blake Lively.Blake Lively.

Well after tht we went to sungai ara to meet up wif the guys for we goin to had the cheapest and best Lok Lok tht night.

Guys playing Stack up UNO.

I had been waiting to get my hands on those yummy Lok Lok.
But it was nt open on tht day!
Stupid stupid stupid stupid.
So oh well..
We went to had dinner at some cafeteria.
den i headed home for im way too exhausted.

Nt to mentioned.
on the 2nd day around evening.
Den my dad onli called ask why im nt home
He thought i was home still sleeping all along!
He had no idea i wasnt home the whole night!
If he knew.
Im so dead.

and i dun understand...
how can 2 frenz tht used to be close...
end up nt speaking to each other freakin so sudden?
maybe u guys wondered why dun i jus start the conver?
but im tht kind of person..
when i felt the intense change of atmosphere between 2 frenz
i will choose to be silent and jus back out the cowardly way
for i am afraid the misunderstanding revolve into sumthing even more worse.
watever the misunderstanding is.
oh well.
tht also means tht.
if u speak to me.
and i answer u wif my charming smile.
Im always okay wif everything.
like a rubber~

Oh oh oh ..
and if u wanna noe wat i did ytd.
jus check out LUYI's blog
but i must warned U! U! U! U! U!
what he said in tht post!
Some of it aint TRUE!!!!!


saix_ysy said...

wei!!! the 看图说故事 DAMN FUNNY la weiii!!! hahahaha!! "亲爱的,别只顾着讲电话嘛,看看我,我性感吗?" damn ho chio la!!!!!

p a t r i c k said...

LOL!! i noe lar! damn sia sui.. haha
go praise him lar nonit come suan me. .haha

saix_ysy said...

i suka suan u leh! haha